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CHS students learn about the consequences of impaired driving

| April 30, 2015

COSHOCTON – Autumn Dickerson found it quite difficult to walk a straight line while wearing DUI goggles during an event April 30, at Coshocton High School.

“I literally couldn’t see my feet,” said the CHS senior. “I was about to fall over. This definitely opened my eyes. I didn’t realize the extent they would bother me.”

Dickerson is a member of the school’s SADD group, which worked with the Coshocton County Safe Communities Coalition to teach students about driving impairments. In addition to the DUI goggles, the coalition also brought an informative display and texting while driving simulator.

“We want to make sure they are aware and drive as safe as possible,” said Jenny Strickler, who is a member of the coalition. “We also want to help them learn to make good decisions especially before big events like prom. They can have fun, but also be safe.”

The Coshocton County Safe Communities Coalition also took its display to River View High School, the Coshocton County Career Center and Ridgewood High School.

“There always seems to be a line behind the driving simulator,” Strickler said.

Coshocton students immediately gathered around the simulator and tried it out.

“It was interesting,” said Blake Erman, who is a freshman. “I didn’t do very well, but I don’t know how to drive yet. The simulator is not as easy as it looks.”

Strickler said at the end of your “ride” the simulator tells you the monetary extent of the damage you caused and how it will impact your insurance and license.

“It shows you the consequences of your actions,” she said.

Erman said it definitely made him see the importance of not looking at his phone when he does start driving.

Dickerson hopes the activities helped make all the students think, especially with prom being right around the corner on May 2.

“I hope it made them see that you may not think it could happen to you, but it could,” she said. “All it takes is one text message or just looking at your phone for an accident to happen.”

School Resource Officer Jeff Corder was glad to see the students were actively participating in the activities.

“I was afraid they would be standoffish, but it’s great to see them jump in there and try things,” he said. “I also hope they find out that there are adults in the community that care about their safety and want to help them see what happens if they don’t follow the rules.”

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