City making plans to be regional water supplier

| October 11, 2017

COSHOCTON – Mayor Steve Mercer announced at Coshocton City Council’s Oct. 10 meeting that the city is making plans to become a regional water supplier throughout the county.

“We want to use our strengths we have here as a city and one of those is our utilities,” Mercer said. “We’ve had people from Hillsdale Drive come and ask us what we can do to help them with water. We’ve done surveys and had an overwhelming response from them. Working with them will be our first step in becoming a regional water supplier.”

A meeting to discuss the project with Hillsdale Drive owners was held and they were presented with options and costs for getting city water.

“We’ve gotten estimates over the years for water lines in different areas and now we have to develop a plan,” Mercer said. “We have a terrific infrastructure of water and sewer facilities. It’s been said businesses follow water and sewer lines and we want to get them out to them. We have what people want, we just have to have a way to get it to them at a price they can afford.”

Council President Cliff Biggers applauded the mayor for moving forward with this idea.

“I support you one thousand percent,” Biggers said.

Mercer also shared that Coshocton received a four bloom award from America in Bloom and a special honor for outstanding floral displays. He then spoke on the topic of medical marijuana after Mike Jansen and Terrie Baker shared their opposition to a resolution passed in May to welcome medical marijuana cultivation facilities.

Mercer said it will be two to three months before the state makes any announcements in regards to applications for medical marijuana cultivation plants. Twenty-four applications will be approved but more than 175 were submitted. Mercer believes there were two for Coshocton and they were for areas on the perimeter of the city.

The city, however, will not be eligible for any medical marijuana dispensary applications because of the six month moratorium on them that was part of the city’s May resolution. Applications for dispensaries are due Nov. 1-17 and the city’s moratorium last until at least Nov. 30. Mercer asked if council wanted to consider resending either part of its resolution dealing with medical marijuana, but everyone agreed to keep it as is.

Biggers went on record stating that he opposes the resolution.

“I suggest council talks to people who are dealing with addiction,” he said. “Marijuana is a gateway to addiction. Jobs are needed in all communities, but there are other ways we can bring them here. As a policeman and a clergy I’ve seen the devastation of drugs and people from all walks of life who deal with addiction. I do not have a vote (at council meetings) but I do have a voice.”

Safety-Service Director Max Crown announced that additional paving projects will be done this year on: Overlook Drive, Woodcrest Lane, Ridgewood Drive, Sleepy Hollow Drive, Denman Avenue and Mulberry Street.



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