Commissioners discuss floodplain regulations

| March 6, 2013

COSHOCTON – The Coshocton County Commissioners met today, March 6, with Fred Wachtel, County Engineer, and Larry Roetzel of the Sheehan Pipeline Construction Company to discuss floodplain permit issues between the Sheehan Pipeline Company and the county.

The floodplain permit costs $50 and states the company with the permit will comply with floodplain rules and regulations as established by the state of Ohio and the county. If building in a floodplain area, companies must build at least 20 inches from the ground. Those who are not in compliance with these regulations may be prosecuted. Jason Given, county prosecutor, was also present at the meeting.

Roetzel is a contractor for Enterprise and is currently erecting two construction trailers, one double-wide and one single-wide, on Finton Equipment property, which is located in a floodplain. His company is constructing a pipeline in Coshocton County and leasing Finton Equipment to use as a base. His company employs 500 – 600 people who will come from out of the county and help boost economic growth in the county. The company will also hire local people as well. They will be in the county eight months.

The permit was adopted for insurance purposes. Dane Shryock, county commissioner, asked if the floodplain regulations could be amended to allow temporary construction trailers to operate without a permit, as construction vehicles do not need a permit and can operate at a floodplain site for 180 days. If the permit is to be amended, the county would need to have two public hearings before any changes could take place.

“In this situation,” said Shryock. “I don’t think the government should stand in the way of the opportunity for the county to make money.”

Currently, three dry-stacked blocks are placed under the trailers for elevation. Three more are needed to meet the 20-inch requirement as stated in the permit. Both trailers are also anchored down. Roetzel said they will also need to build a patio because of the height of the trailers.

Commissioners decided that work can continue on the Finton Equipment site as long as a permit is obtained and the company files for a variance.

Also at the commissioner’s meeting, Susan Turner, county recorder, and Jim Barstow of the Veteran’s Office, talked to the commissioners about implementing a Veteran’s ID program in the county. As some veterans may not have another form of identification, this Veteran’s Photo ID would be useful for veteran’s discount programs, military memorial services identifying them as a veteran, and even funeral homes for easy access of the veteran’s information.

Displayed on the card would be the veteran’s photograph, name, address, date of honorable discharge, dates of service, and their branch of military. Also included would be an ID number, date the card was issued, and an expiration date. The veteran’s social security number would be omitted from the card.

“We see it as being a very versatile tool for the veteran to have in addition to a sense of pride for being a veteran,” said Barstow.

The equipment needed for the ID cards would cost less than $4,000, and would include the entire process from taking the photo to the finished product. Any organization could use the equipment as long as they provided their own template. The whole process would take less than 3 – 5 minutes. Each veteran would be charged $1 that would then go back into the county’s general fund.

Other counties in Ohio are considering this form of identification for veterans as well. Stark County has already implemented the program with great results.

“It’s been very successful in Stark,” said Turner. “Veterans are truly thankful to have this as another form of identification.”

The commissioners approved the program.

Also discussed at the meeting:

–          Report of meetings attended

–          A motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as presented was approved

–          Receive the dog warden’s report for the week ending March 4, 2013 with three dogs picked up by the warden, five dogs brought in as strays, three dogs destroyed, five citations issued, 24 calls handled, 17 licenses sold, nine late fees paid, eight dogs sold, three dogs per owner surrendered, for a total of $467 in fees collected

–          A motion granting permission to Austin Lewis the use of the Court Square on May 11, 2013 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. for a wedding was approved.

–          A motion to approve the following Transfers/Additionals/Reductions which have been certified by the County Auditor was approved. See link: Transfers 030613

–          Receive the monthly pay-in report for the month of February 2013 from Janet Mosier, Clerk of Courts.

–          A motion to accept the proposal of CDC of Ohio for the Coshocton County’s FY 2013 Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) and Community Development Program (CCDBG) Competitive Programs as they were the only company that submitted a proposal was approved.

–          Receive the prisoner food costs for the month of January 2013 from the Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office.

–          A motion to accept and review the monthly financial reports for the month of February 2013 from Christine Sycks, Coshocton County Auditor was approved.

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