Coshocton Christian School hosts reading awards ceremony

| May 22, 2018

Students at Coshocton Christian School hold up signs that tell how many books they have read this year. Students grades K-6 collectively read a total of 1,450 books this year.

COSHOCTON – After the students at the Coshocton Christian School in grades K-6 read 848 books collectively last year, the lay librarian, Michele Obarrow, challenged the students to read 1,000 books collectively this year. They more than surpassed that goal with 1,450 books read collectively this school year and celebrated that accomplishment at a ceremony on Friday, May 18.

“Mr. Zurowski [school principal] and I are passionate about reading and literature,” said Obarrow. “It wasn’t just a matter of taking a book off the shelf. At first, they could read anything they wanted, but the second part of the year, if they read fiction one week, the next week, they had to read something non-fiction. Kids were finding books they had never seen before. It was a win-win situation for everybody.”

The ceremony started by students in the front row holding up signs that told how many books they read collectively. Obarrow then thanked each of her three volunteers with a gift. Volunteers were Judy Hall, Carrie Croghan, and Cathy Ames. The top 33 readers were recognized and were chosen from the first, second, and third place top reader in each grade. Obarrow then announced the recipient of the outstanding library student award, third grader Gwendolyn Loper.

“We encourage kids to read this summer,” said Obarrow. “The library just came in this morning to talk about their summer reading program. We’re constantly reminding them to read. I know other teachers do and parents do. I have some amazing students and readers. Reading is something that’s year-long. When kids get excited about reading, their learning is just amazing. I had trouble reading when I was a kid, so I understand the struggles and I understand the joys in overcoming them.”

The kids were treated to ice cream and cake after the ceremony.

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