Coshocton Elementary continues National Reading Month fun

| March 16, 2018

Connor Williams and Jaylyn Green are pictured discussing books at the book tasting that was organized by their teacher Amy Unkefer. Josie Sellers | Beacon

Preschool teacher Beth Loomis visited Megan Crook’s kindergarten class on March 16 and read “Memories of a Goldfish” to them. Josie Sellers | Beacon

COSHOCTON – When you read a book you can go anywhere, if you let your imagination take over.

Amy Unkefer’s third graders at Coshocton Elementary School used their imaginations to enjoy a book tasting on March 16. She greeted her students with an apron on and led them to tables where their reservations were. Each table featured different genres of books – graphic novels, historical fiction, and realistic fiction.

The students had to select a book, read a few pages of it, discuss it with others at their table and then answer questions about the book that were listed inside their book menu. Unkefer served them snacks and encouraged the use of good table manners. She also switched the books amongst the tables so everyone experienced each of the genres.

Connor Williams and Jaylyn Green started the book tasting out with graphic novels.

“I really like this,” Green said. “Reading is probably my top favorite thing to do in school.”

She was reading “El Deafo” and Williams was reading a Salem Hyde book.

“I think I found a new book that I like,” Williams said.

Unkefer’s book tasting was one of several ways teachers at Coshocton Elementary School are celebrating National Reading Month.

“Some students already love reading so we wanted to do activities to support them and show students who struggle with reading that it can be fun,” said Megan Crook, a kindergarten teacher at the school.

In addition to creating fun reading themed events in the classroom, teachers also were encouraged to read to students in other classrooms.

“We had 10 or 11 different teachers give up their planning periods to read to students,” Crook said. “The kids have been enjoying it.”

Preschool teacher Beth Loomis came to Crook’s classroom on March 16 and read “Memories of a Goldfish” to the students.

The school also has added more than 300 new books to its library, but reading isn’t just for school. Crook encourages parents to read to their children, take them to the library and have conversations about what they are reading.

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