Defense Manufacturing Assistance Program comes to Coshocton

| May 31, 2017

COSHOCTON – States deeply entrenched in military contracting have been negatively affected over the past decade by the reduction of military spending. States hit hardest include Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.

Coshocton is just one of countless towns in the Midwest who have felt the effects of the downturn in military spending. This downturn ultimately means a loss of disposable income for employees, and a loss of revenue in local retail and commercial enterprises.

Buckeye Fabric and sister company, Excello Fabric, are two local companies faced with this exact scenario. “There is no doubt that the loss of military contracts over the last decade has limited our ability to grow and innovate,” says Kevin Lee, president of both companies.

Determined to continue the business his grandfather, James Lee, bought in the 1940s, Lee looked for answers and found support in a program administered through the Ohio State University called the Defense Manufacturing Assistance Program (DMAP). “By partnering with the Ohio State University, DMAP has provided access to a range of experts who assist with our planning and implementation of programs and processes. These experts can really help companies like ours,” Lee stated.

When asked why the program is beneficial, Lee explained, “As an affected company, we can call upon technical, manufacturing, marketing, and human resource experts at a shared cost in an effort to retain and create jobs in Ohio.”

DMAP has assisted the company in identifying the needs for additional employees. As a result a hiring event will be held at the Coshocton County Career Center on Thursday, June 22, from 2 to 6 p.m. Various positions are needed including administrative, general production, compounding, shipping and receiving, supervisory, and management. Call Shannon Staffing, Inc. at 740-622-2600 for more information.

The ultimate goal of DMAP is to positively affect companies and communities to result in the creation and retention of jobs in the affected regions. The hiring event at the Career Center on June 22 is a first step in that direction for Coshocton area communities.

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