Dog with local connection makes it big on YouTube

| August 18, 2015

UntitledCOSHOCTON – More than 17 million YouTube visitors have gotten to enjoy an adorable dog named Glade who has a local connection.

The German Shepherd mixed with Akita/Lab is featured in rapper J Cole’s music video “Wet Dreamz.” He is owned by Alex Eikenberry who is from Coshocton and his girlfriend Kenzie Hills from Worthington. The couple resides in Pompano Beach, Fla. and they adopted Glade in February.

“We went to the rescue shelter to look at the animals and to get an idea of what type of dog we might want to adopt in the future,” the couple said. “The shelter told us that they had just rescued a litter of puppies. Glade was very unique amongst his litter of puppies. As we played with him, we knew that he was the dog for us. Full of energy, cuddly, and loving….we knew we couldn’t say no.”

After adopting Glade, the couple sent him to the Dog Training Academy of South Florida. While there they were hoping he would learn household behaviors and how to follow directions, but he also earned his claim to fame.

“On our first day of puppy class, the instructor announced that she would be training puppies for a J Cole music video and needed to send pictures of all of her puppies to the producers,” Eikenberry and Hills said. “She took a picture of Glade and several other puppies that day. The next class, the instructor announced that Glade was a finalist and that she would now need to submit a short video. She submitted a video of Glade and we received an e-mail a few weeks later announcing that Glade had been chosen.”

The couple was both shocked and excited to hear that Glade was selected for the video.

“We had no idea what to expect and were anxious to see what exactly Glade would be required to do in the video,” they said. “When it came time for the making of the video, our puppy instructor took Glade to Miami where he stayed for three days. After the three days, Glade returned home. We still didn’t know what exactly Glade’s role in the video was at this point.”

They never imagined that he would be the star.

“We were expecting Glade to have a small background scene of some kind so for him to be on screen the entire time was unexpected, but exciting,” they said. “This was a really fun moment for us and for Glade and we are grateful he was given the opportunity.”

Glade, thankfully, hasn’t let the fame go to his head. According to Eikenberry and Hills he has stayed humble and he continues to be on the lookout for more opportunities in the hip hop industry.

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