Dunking for a cause

| November 21, 2018

Coshocton Elementary School fourth grade teacher Sean Collins was one of the staff members who graciously volunteered to be in the dunk tank on Nov. 21. The activity was a part of the school’s fundraisers for United Way. Josie Sellers | Beacon

COSHOCTON – Thanks to a special invitation from the high school, Coshocton Elementary School students were able to do some extra fundraising for United Way.

“We had a week where they could dress up for $0.50 a day,” said Shelley Batchelor, who coordinated fundraising efforts. “Each day had a different theme. We also sold different treats each day for $0.50.”

The following week, the school was invited to use a dunk tank set up at the high school on Nov. 21 for another fundraiser.

Batchelor convinced several teachers and Tony Meiser, assistant principal, to volunteer for the dunk tank.

“The high school is having a dodgeball tournament and this dunk tank as a fundraiser for United Way,” Batchelor said. “Dean’s Jewelry paid to rent it for the day and John Lonsberry and the National Guard helped get it here. The high school figured if the dunk tank was going to be here all day they might as well use it to raise more money.”

The dunk tank was set up in the high school gym. Students from third through six grade at the elementary school came over with their classes to take turns dunking the volunteers. Each ball thrown cost $1 or if students brought in a $5 bill they could just smack the button and dunk someone.

“They are loving this,” Batchelor said. “They’ve been excited all week for this. Our activities last week raised about $1,600 and this should push us close to $2,000.”

Part of their dunk tank money, however, was going to go toward helping the high school reach a goal it set.

“The high school had a goal of raising enough money to get both Mr. and Mrs. Fauver in the dunk tank so since Abby Fauver is in our fourth grade, we are going to donate the fourth grade money to the high school.”

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