Gibbs: Funding to support our troops and defend our nation

| May 19, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC – After three years without a pay raise, American servicemen and servicewomen could see an increase in their paychecks if the House’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) becomes law.

The House voted on the annual defense funding bill Wednesday night, which also included provisions to address the strength, size, and readiness of the United States military.  NDAA will require a boost in troop levels, bringing our total active-duty, guard, and reserve forces to over 1.5 million servicemen and servicewomen.  It also increases the size of our Naval fleet, with three new destroyers and two Virginia class submarines, while authorizing the modernization of 172 C-130H planes used by Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve units.

An additional $50 million in funding for fighting ISIS and training Iraqi Security Forces was also included in the bill.

In an effort to counter provocative actions by Russia, the House provided increased funding for programs, training, and equipment based in Europe through the European Reassurance Initiative.  This year’s authorization also includes $150 million for the Ukraine Security Assistance. This money will help train and equip Ukrainian military forces to defend itself against Russian hostility.

After the vote, Congressman Bob Gibbs released the following statement:

“With the terrorist threat and Middle Eastern instability increasing, aggression from Russia, and China expanding their presence in the Pacific, the United States cannot afford to let our military shrink in size and strength. In this year’s NDAA, we addressed the important personnel and equipment needs of our military while reassuring our support to allies like Ukraine and Israel. National security is the federal government’s top priority and this legislation ensures our military has the tools necessary to complete their mission.”

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