I double and triple dog dare ya’ – to make a prediction

| November 5, 2020

Yep. I called it. The great benefit of writing this column a few days before the paper hits the street – this is Monday and we receive the Beacon in our office on Wednesday morning – is that on a week like this I can have some fun. With election day being tomorrow, I could actually make a prediction as to who will be our next President. Will “the Donald” retain his hold on the White House or will we see Joe Biden move into the “peoples house”? Hard to tell this year. And will the election results even be known by the close of Tuesday evening or will it take a few days due to all of the absentee ballots that need counted?

Regardless of those barriers, here is my prediction for Wednesday morning, Nov. 4, 2020 in the United States of America. The sun will still rise, the birds will still be chirping, you will still pay taxes on all kinds of things besides your federal income tax, the sky will be blue and although chicken little might say it is falling, it will not.

You see, we do this same thing every four years. And every election is important. Otherwise, why would the candidates, their respective parties, and the folks that really, really, really, want them to get elected so they can get their favors granted, spend millions on the election. I mean, why would they? If you have ever checked, these are not exactly the highest paying jobs in the country but yet, many of the folks that are in these positions are indeed, quite wealthy.

Perhaps we should be grateful to those that want to serve despite all of the critique and criticism that is hurled at them during their tenure in office. Thankfully we still have patriots and those that believe in our country and what it stands for. That are willing to adhere to the Constitution – the supreme law of the land – and the freedoms that we cherish as Americans.

Whomever wins the 2020 election, let’s hope that we can pull together as Americans and support the administration, current or newly elected, going forward.

Turning our attention away from the election for a few moments, the Buckeyes looked pretty solid in their win over the Nittany Lions and if nothing much changes, they should make the four-team playoff for the National Championship. We will see how good the Irish are this Saturday when they take on Clemson – who have already announced that their backup quarterback will be at the helm.

The Browns are another story with a somewhat surprising loss to the now Las Vegas Raiders – at home. But playing at home doesn’t quite have the same benefit as it did prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. A stadium nearly devoid of fans doesn’t provide the level of enthusiasm that players are used to. That is sad but it is where we are right now as we continue to battle our way through the virus and all of the changes that it brings to our lives. Speaking of change, the spouse and I were wondering if turkey producers raised “smaller” turkeys this year? Smaller gatherings could mean smaller turkeys, right? No turkey hash, no turkey sandwiches, no turkey. . . you get it.

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