In memory of our heroes

| May 21, 2020

Every year, Memorial Day is celebrated by a parade down Main Street, followed by a special ceremony on the court square that honors those brave men and women who fought to keep our country safe and free. It is a celebration of the honor, bravery and courage these service people had.

During the ceremony, the names of the veterans who passed away the previous year are read and a bell is rung in their remembrance. This year, due to the pandemic, the Coshocton Memorial Day service was canceled. The following are the veterans who were lost from June 1, 2019 – May 13, 2020.

Grady J. Martin II, Vietnam; James A. Sarchet, Korea and Vietnam; Steven E. Strickmaker, Vietnam and Peace Time; Wilmer Dean Schuler, Korea; Ronald L. Wise, Peace Time; Steven L. Stowell, Vietnam and Peace Time; Jerry D. Hampton, Vietnam; Thomas J. McNichols, World War II; Robert J. Kobel, World War II; James O. Crouso, Korea; John M. Campbell, Peace Time; James F. McVey, Vietnam; Lawrence “Jake” Klink, Vietnam; James L. Hazlett, Korea; Theodore C. Pappas, Korea; Raymond W. Sullivan, Korea; James M. Shaw, Korea; Richard L. Sapp, Korea; Norman V. Bair, Peace Time; Eugene G. Jones, World War II;  Ernest L. Ridenbaugh, World War II;  Roy M. Williamson, Vietnam; Robert F. McAllister, Korea; Michael D. Burkey, Vietnam; Ann Lillibridge, World War II; Gerald Wayne Adams, Korea; Gregory P. Richcreek, Vietnam; Jack E. Olinger, Korea; Richard A. Brady, Vietnam; Wayne L. Hart, Peace Time; Gene L. Bieber, Peace Time; Stephen A. Jennings, Peace Time; Harold W. Bradford, Vietnam; Kenneth R. Grier, Korea; Michael A. McKenzie, Vietnam; Robin L. Jones, Korea; Russell N. Conrad, Korea; Daniel W. Ford, Jr., Vietnam; Raymond F. Walters, Korea; John J. Hoffman, Peace Time; Donald W. Owens, World War II; Raymond E. Griffith, Korea; James Kreider, Peace Time; Clarence E. Fisher, Vietnam; John W. Baird, Vietnam; Robert L. McFarland, Peace Time; Harold J. Guilliams, Sr., Peace Time; Paul Gonter, World War II and Korea; Joseph R. Skelton, Vietnam and Desert Storm.

The names will be read during the Veteran’s Day Service in November.

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