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| February 2, 2016

There are now only 46 days till spring, no matter what he says. It’s always a great day to shop at Local Bounty, Coshocton’s only indoor farmers’ market, open all year long, now 5 days a week.

Manager’s Message

Good morning local foodies! We have a new employee… Her name is Donna Maloy…..Donna has the passion for local food and healthy lifestyle. Donna loves the outdoors and is concerned where her food comes from. She is going to be a nice addition to Local Bounty.
Welcome Donna !

Customer Comments

This note from one of our great customers, Darcus Vielleux. He says,

Local Bounty, LLC.

“Got Nutrition”

  L ove

O ur

C ustomers

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L ocal Bounty

Thank you Darcus.

Vendor Updates

Welcome New Vendor — Woolf Farms

Woolf Farm’s is a small family fruit farm located just east of Canton in a quiet country setting in Columbiana County.  We are a 3rd generation family farm operated by William and Jeanne Woolf, along with son Dale and wife Abby (1 daughter), and daughter Danna and her husband Greg (6 children)!  We work hard to provide our customers with the freshest fruits and vegetables all year long! Currently, during the winter months, we will be bringing our fresh pressed apple cider treated with a UV light to keep all the old fashioned apple cider taste, apples, apple butter, and potatoes.

Most of the apples will be coming from our controlled atmosphere, allowing them to maintain their crisp, hard, and juicy characteristics! They are great for eating or cooking. This week at Local Bounty, we will have the following varieties, Fuji, Gold Rush, Braeburn, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Melrose (Ohio’s State Apple!!) and Ida Red. STOP IN AND ASK FOR A SAMPLE!! We’re sure you’ll taste the difference.

-Fuji/ Hard, super sweet, and great for eating! Hard to pass up this apple, it is a great size for lunches or a healthy snack.

-Gold Rush/ This apple is great for eating or cooking. It is hard, crunchy, and juicy! It is a tart to sweet apple that is one of our family favorites!

-Braeburn/ A phenomenal eating apple! Hard and crunchy with a middle of the road sweet tart flavor.

Golden Delicious/ This is an old fashioned variety that will require a sample because you won’t even recognize this apple when compared to the ones sold in stores! Great for eating and cooking; crunchy and great to use for sugar free apple sauce!

Granny Smith/ A tart apple good for cooking or eating.

Melrose/ A crunchy, sweet apple, outstanding in pies or any cooking application. It has a unique flavor that our family uses for all our cooking needs.

Ida Red/ Softer apple, great for pies and all cooking. It has a very unique flavor similar to macintosh.

Fresh pressed cider/ Our cider is pressed weekly at the farm with a mixture of different varieties of apples. We use an ultra violet light to pasteurize instead of a high heat that kills all the good flavor!! There are never preservatives added to our cider and it is never diluted with water! Nothing added and nothing taken out; straight pressed apples! Come in and ask for a sample because once you’ve tried our cider, it will be a weekly addition to your grocery list.

Apple Butter/ This is made by mom and Grandma Jeanne Woolf! Mostly a mix of Golden Delicious and Melrose apples; slow cooked with cider and cinnamon. NO SUGAR added!!

Potatoes/ Red Pontiac and Yukon Gold. Grown chemical free; great for roasting and boiling or any cooking application!

Flying Pig Farm

This week we have white, wheat and garlic herb bread; sandwich buns; croutons; lavender scones; zucchini bread; and blueberry, blackberry, cherry and peach pies. Zucchini bread samples will be available…try some today! We’ll have truffles soon for Valentine’s Day gifts. Yum!


I have a few new quoted mugs at the market this week. With sayings like “homegrown” and “local love”, they would be perfect for your fav local Valentine ?  As always my wares are dishwasher and microwave safe! Peace and thanks ✌

Keene Creek Farm

It feels a little like spring outside and with all of the babies being born around here it seems even more like it. Two litters of piglets arrived this week – both with seven lively little ones. Rowdi has been keeping a room up at the barn warm for them when temperatures dip. So far the sows are taking great care of everyone and we look forward to watching a couple more litters grow here on the farm. Our girls have been enjoying the warm weather, often walking up to the barn with Rowdi to help with evening chores – but I think they just want to get their hands on those adorable little piglets. Sylvie, our three year old, is definitely our animal lover. Her face lights up when the piglets nudge her with their snouts and she loves petting them.

We apologize for running out of some of our best-selling cuts (ham loaf, bacon, etc.). The next round of hogs goes to the processor at the end of February, so we will have a restocked freezer to welcome spring. There are still plenty of sausage products available though – from mild Italian brats to bulk sausage and more.

Mullet Apiaries

Well, we did some hive checking in the warmer weather. We’ve lost a few, but most are doing well, as Dick’s swollen eye area (from a sting) can attest. Some of the ladies were upset he was disturbing their winter vacation! This warm spell allows them to move a bit in the hive, go to the bathroom outside and clean up any of their brethren that didn’t make it. But we still have plenty of cold weather left and they will be huddling up again to wait it out. Some of us are waiting out winter colds, so don’t forget that honey, lemon juice and hot water make a soothing sipper for sore throats and stuffy noses. Welcome to our new clerk, Donna Maloy! Come in and say hi to Donna, and thank you for business.

Strawberry Hill Farm

Production is picking up with our young hens, and their eggs are increasing in size. We’ve had a lot of egg orders from neighbors and friends, but this week Ron was able to put 7-8 dozen eggs in the cooler at the store.The last of our strawberry jam is on the shelves as well—the last until strawberry season comes in June. Get it while you can!

Bob’s Pickle Patch — Verda’s hens

We will be bringing eggs in on Wednesday this week.  We are looking forward to spring and so are all the chicky-licks.

Hawks vs. crows

We have lost three birds this winter to red tailed hawks aka: chicken hawks.  Two were layers and one was a banty rooster named “Little White Guy.”  We are sad whenever this happens.  There seems to be very little we can do to prevent these attacks.  Shooting the hawks, I found out, is illegal. However, we do notice that crows will chase away the hawks.  I don’t really like crows except for this one thing.  (No offense to the Crowtown fans, of course.) We put out extra corn to attract the crows.  it’s kind of like paid protection in a thug vs. thug world.

As always, thank you to our loyal customers.

Local Bounty Vendors

Local Bounty Coshocton, Inc.
22951 S.R. 83 N. Coshocton, OH 43812
740-622-1400 – We’re also on facebook!

Store Hours
Tuesday – Friday 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturdays: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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