Mark’s Musings – April 15, 2015

| April 15, 2015
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

The normal busyness of April is upon us! And let’s be thankful for that increased pace of activity after a truly nasty winter. And of course the Jordan Spieth name is now uttered in millions of households around the world and deservedly so. With some other commitments I missed the Masters so I will have to rely on some area golfers to give me their perspective on this historic win.

Detroit and Kansas City are 6-0 out of the box with the Tribe hovering at 2-4 as this is written on Monday. Ah, it’s way early in the season. No need to panic yet. Cleveland has the same record as Pittsburgh. The Reds, on the other hand, are 4-2 and leading the National League central division ahead of – the Cubs? Yep.

The spring sports schedules, photos and related information are in this week’s issue of The Beacon. Thanks to the sponsors of these pages, the coaches that provided the information and the photographers that provided the photos to make this section possible. We appreciate the time and effort you took to ensure that our readers have this information.

There are several cleanups scheduled for the community with one just concluded. The 10th annual United Way of Coshocton County’s Clean Up Coshocton is scheduled for this Saturday, April 18. You can read more about this opportunity to help beautify our community in this issue of The Beacon. And also the just concluded Clean Up Lake Park and other upcoming cleanups.

Unlike last week when I wrote this column the forsythia is blooming, the grass is green (with some folks having mowed their lawn) and flowers are poking out. Let’s return to the mowing. Where did I put that key to the rider? Are the blades sharp? Oil changed? Heck, oil in the engine? Will it start? You know all of this stuff but I recall saying “several” times over the winter – I need to get those blades on the mower. Yes, Grandpa always said to keep a spare set of blades sharpened and on the shelf. Now I just need to get the dull ones off and the sharp ones on.

And if that doesn’t work, there are lots of folks providing this service in our community. And I imagine that they are rarin’ to go after this winter.

Let’s shift to the NBA playoff picture. Despite a strong season the Cavs are in second behind Atlanta in the win column. But the strong surge of the past two (or three?) months more than makes up for a sluggish start to the season for the Cavs. As the sports pundits are fond of saying – this is not the same team that started the season. That is especially true of the Cavs. But as we all know, there are strong teams and players across the league. Let’s go Cavs!

Anyone else excited that spring has really, really sprung? There is something about hearing the sound of lawn mowers versus snow blowers. But maybe that’s just me.

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