Mark’s Musings – Aug. 26, 2015

| August 25, 2015
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

We hit the trifecta on Saturday. And speaking of Saturday, what a beautiful day! Although it reminded me of a fall day – which brings thoughts of upcoming Buckeye football – the spouse and I were out for a drive when several things happened all within the span of five minutes or less. First, we saw a fox that unfortunately did not make it across its intended path. I have been seeing more fox in the past couple of years. Anyone else?

Second, as it was a beautiful day there was no need for the air conditioning so I am driving with my arm resting on the door, in short sleeves naturally. All of a sudden I feel a sharp pain on my left shoulder – that’s my other left – as in the arm that is resting on the door. I smacked my shoulder hard and sure enough, a bee fell out of my shirt onto the floor. Nasty little bugger. Normally I try to avoid harming the creatures unless they invade my space which this one did.

About the time that little incident finished transpiring my wife said, “Look at the windshield.” Sure enough, a small crack was winding its way up on the passenger side. So we pulled off to check it out and yep, apparently somewhere along the way to and ‘fro we picked up a chip at the very bottom edge of the windshield that was now snaking its way up the windshield.

Well, I said to myself – and my wife – not sure how all this happened in the span of five minutes but it does make one think. Things can happen quickly. So be alert.

With that said, let’s throw out a caution regarding the beginning of a new school year. Let’s watch out for the youngsters from the wee ones to our high school students and beyond as school begins another year in Coshocton County. Let’s thank our administrators, teachers, coaches, bus drivers and staff, maintenance and janitorial staff, cooks and all those that get up early each day during the school year to ensure that our kids – the future of our community, our state and our nation, receive a quality education to compete in an increasingly competitive global workplace. Thank you to all of you for the unknown sacrifices that you make to make this happen. It is appreciated although you may not hear the words often enough.

Let’s talk about baseball for just a moment. Has there ever been a year in the American League when the likes of Toronto, Kansas City and Houston were all in first place? Yikes! Now, to be fair, the Yankees are only a half game back as of Monday.

The National League is not quite as surprising with the Mets, Dodgers and St. Louis all in first place. Speaking of the Cardinals – can anyone beat them? And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that team just to the east of us – yeh, the Pirates. They are having a good season and in any other division besides the central would be in first by seven games. The Reds and Indians have collapsed.

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