Mark’s Musings – August 2, 2017

| August 4, 2017

Mark Fortune

Bring the kids to Main Street in Coshocton this Friday evening for First Farm Friday. It’s a fun, free event and a chance to see some cool farm equipment up close and personal. Let’s hope the weather is pleasant!

Youngsters have a great perspective on things don’t they? In their world cardboard boxes make wonderful forts, hideouts and even treehouses – provided it stays in the house of course. How many of us remember our years as kids as wonderful and carefree? A youngster can throw a blanket on top of a card table and have hours of fun. You can play the friendly monster and let their imagination run wild.

The Cavs are ready to keep rolling with a new GM and a three year deal with 2011 NBA MVP Derrick Rose. He can help if he stays healthy.

The weather is quite a turn from last year when we (I think?) could let the yard mowing go for a couple of weeks? You know how years are – the older you get the more they just kind of all blend together.

In the world of baseball Texas Ranger Adrian Beltre achieved a milestone with hit number 3,000 and the Fort Worth Zoo promptly named a newly born male calf Beltre in his honor. That’s cool.

Do you have some stories written down? Have you done any research on the origins of your family? Having had the pleasure of attending various alumni banquets over the past few years I am amazed at the variety and scope of the stories shared by those that graduated high school in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s or later. The wealth of information about our older generations that is shared at events like this is priceless.

Take the time to record a few stories from the greatest generation or even better, write some of them down. The time will come when you’ll be glad you did. The size of the classes that graduated from our area schools – especially those at the county schools – was relatively small and the bonds and friendships formed during those years has literally lasted a lifetime. Those memories are precious and can be a valuable part of a family legacy.

Both Cleveland and Kansas City have been on a tear of late – both teams winning nine of their last 10 games. Fortunately for the Indians they went into that span of games already ahead of the Royals. We’ll see if they can stay there.

The Dodgers have won over 70 percent of their games – and seem to be on the same pace that the Cubs were on last year. The non-waiver trade deadline for MLB is today (Monday) and several contending teams can make some key moves to shore up pitching or other weaknesses.

The start of the college football season is only a few weeks away.

Camp Echoing Hills is celebrating 50 years this year. What a phenomenal success story that shows what a person with perseverance and courage and faith can do. Congratulations!

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