Mark’s Musings – August 21, 2019

| August 20, 2019

Mark Fortune

School is in session as the saying goes. But it really is! Following a summer of rain, heat, humidity, more rain, some beautiful days, and more rain, the youngsters are back in the classroom. Let’s be careful out there and take an extra minute to pay attention.

Is it just me or do we typically have some roads shut down about the time school starts? Right now we have the Three Rivers Bridge project going on – which will be a gorgeous entryway into our community when completed – we have a sidewalk project on Second Street (really bad timing) and I think the bridge is still closed over the Walhonding River on State Route 60 at Warsaw. Obviously if someone thought it was important enough to close a bridge for repair work, then by all means we need to do that. And I doubt that the sidewalk project could have been delayed – sometimes you gotta fit projects in when the company that does those projects can fit them in – let’s remember that for construction workers – and in fact, anyone that works outside – it has not been a pleasant summer. Despite that the projects are proceeding and I am excited to see the Three Rivers Bridge project coming along.

We just have to know that roads need repaired and bridges especially need repaired every so many years as we do live in Ohio, not a southern state that receives little to no snow. I’ll try to remind myself of that the next time I am sitting in traffic. As the saying goes, patience is a virtue.

Are the Browns for real? Do pre-season wins count for anything except the coaching staff being able to see how decisions are made against a real opponent in game time situations? I am not a coach so I do not know what the thinking process is behind all that.

I think the Indians are for real. A four game split with the Yankees was a good way to end the weekend, take a day off in the big apple and then head across town to play the Mets.

Did you get a chance to visit the Sunflower Festival over the weekend? Make it the 152nd annual GAR bean dinner? The food was terrific and it was warm but the entertainment made it all worthwhile. Our community is blessed with great talent – and this year the schedule included Brad Fuller and Chris Hart followed by the always on hand at the bean dinner group – The Walhonding Rube Band.

Hart gave a great presentation using first person (I think that is what it is called) about the night that President Lincoln was shot at Ford’s Theater. It was enjoyable and informative with lots of history and some humor thrown in for good measure. It you ever get the opportunity to hear it, you should.

Apparently some of the economic pundits are predicting that we are headed into a recession next year. I can’t access the internet this morning but the number I heard was 37%. Now, a lot of the financial “experts” have been predicting this for several years now – and I guess if you keep telling people something long enough, sooner or later it will happen. That’s just like the folks that predict the stock market will crash – they have been predicting this for several years – and yes, at some point it will probably happen.

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