Mark’s Musings – Feb. 25, 2015

| February 24, 2015
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Buckeyes took another one on the chin Sunday against the Wolverines. Road games in the Big10 this year are tough. At least for the Buckeyes. That big game with Wisconsin looms. A win in that game would be large street cred for the boys from Columbus.

There’s a lot of stuff coming out of Washington – the capitol – not the state. Working together is on a lot of tongues – waiting to see it happen in real action. And while we all think that there is a lot of world news happening for the major media to report on – let’s not forget that there is typically something big happening on a global scale. In the 1960’s it was the Cuban Missile Crisis, Civil Rights, Vietnam, protesting, hippies and the landing on the moon. Talk about a busy ten years!

And what about the 1970’s? Truly the best decade for music, (come on, disagree with me – I dare ya!) Try to tell me that Led Zeppelin, Boston, Kiss and all the other great groups were not the greatest ever! I triple dog dare ya! Okay, wrong time of the year. Just got wound up there for a minute. The 1970’s brought the end of the Vietnam War, more moon landings, inflation, Watergate and more.

We’ll skip the 1980’s for today. Better not! Married, first house, first child, and oh yeah, disco. A lot of that decade is a blur to me for some reason. Job relocations, the Browns winning a lot of games and coming so very close to the big game except for that guy in Denver. Yeh, the one with all the teeth. You know. Speaking of the Browns, someone brought in a box of those little Reese’s pieces to us today – I just dumped out a handful to snack on and guess what – all the pieces were orange and brown. Five orange and two brown. A good omen indeed.

1990’s – Second child. Lots of job relocations. Different states and cities, made a lot of friends, went to see a lot of stuff in Cincinnati. Reds, Kings Island, those hot dogs with chili on ‘em -still trying to lose that weight I think.

We’ll save other years for another column. My goal here was to give everyone a bit of a chuckle as we move toward March. Finally. And I, like most of you, thought that this winter would not be a repeat of last winter. Heaven forbid, it’s worse! Colder anyways. Much colder. Or is it just me?

As you can tell, this has been an interesting – even challenging – column to write. Some weeks you have it, and some weeks you don’t.

Let’s be sure and thank our area firefighters, law enforcement, Red Cross volunteers and all first responders for braving the elements in the midst of several recent fires. Our first responders can be counted on to work in the worst of times and the worst of conditions. Thanks also to area highway crews; state, county, city and township for keeping the roads passable. Let’s keep everyone working outside foremost in our thoughts.

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