Mark’s Musings – February 8, 2012

| February 8, 2012
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

The commercials. The hype. The half-time show. Which did you enjoy more? Certainly Madonna, even with a few slips and missteps, still performs admirably at 53 years old. And for those that poked fun at the material girl, come on, wait until you’re 53. . . and try to perform at the Super Bowl half-time show. Doubt it.

What was your favorite commercial? Being a true fan of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, I rather enjoyed the one with Matthew Broderick. The dog fetching countless bottles of bud was okay, but I felt that the majority of the commercials were actually not that good – especially considering that the average cost for a commercial was over 3 million dollars.

Apparently, according to the internet, the best commercial was the “sling baby” commercial for Doritos. Yeh, that was pretty funny. The Clint Eastwood commercial was a different approach for Detroit and the Chrysler brand. I recall seeing a Chevrolet Silverado commercial – but no Ford commercials. Unless I missed them. Several of the auto manufacturers spent the big bucks – that tells me that automotive sales are on the uptick. Remember several years ago when all the dotcoms made a lot of noise with their commercials? Except for Go Daddy, those have about all but disappeared.

The game itself lived up to the hype only a few times, and Eli Manning should not have been the MVP. That guy from Haiti made some rather spectacular plays at critical moments that kept the Patriots at bay. The “hail Mary” at the end could have been orchestrated much better – remember the college game this year involving Wisconsin where the guy tipped the ball into another player’s outstretched arms for a game ending – and game winning, touchdown? Yeh, that one. Surely an NFL team could come up with something to rival that. But I imagine throwing a “hail Mary” pass is more difficult than it looks.

Personally, I felt that the safety at the beginning of the game set the tone for the level of intensity with the Giants being more physical and more dominant on both sides of the ball. Despite that, the Patriots came within a last second pass of winning the game. Two out of three times, the Patriots win in my book. But alas, it is only one attempt at greatness.

On the local front, you have several options this Saturday, with the Chocolate Extravaganza being held at the Career Center, the Lake Park Sweetheart Dance at the Pavilion, wing contest at Chili Bible Church and several other opportunities to get out and do something to break the winter doldrums. That is, if you want to call what we are experiencing this year winter. Wait until March, I suppose. Even the groundhogs couldn’t agree on the length of winter this year! Phooey on you and that other groundhog, Phil. Hey, I’m enjoying the lack of winter just like you. But I must admit, I do rather like a fresh blanket of snow on the trees now and then. But just on the trees you understand, just on the trees.

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