Mark’s Musings – Jan. 28, 2015

| January 27, 2015
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Just when you thought it was safe to presume that winter was a dud . . .well, guess what? Snow and more snow with cold temperatures on the way. After all, it’s only the last week of January and we have a bit less than two months (on the calendar anyways) of winter remaining.

Based on the number of people that watched “American Sniper” at our locally owned movie theater on Saturday, and hearing that it was a capacity audience on opening weekend – this movie has captivated audiences across the country. And it should. You could have heard a pin drop as the credits rolled – without music – in fact; I have never heard a movie theater that quiet following the end of a movie.

If you did any research on Chris Kyle, you already knew that he was killed by a former service member that he was trying to help while at a Texas shooting range. I would recommend you read the book as well. Clint Eastwood’s film about America’s most prolific sniper – Chris Kyle- broke box office records over the four day Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend and has garnered six Oscar nominations. The film is not without its critics however, with several popular liberal Hollywood filmmakers denouncing the film as war propaganda.

Personally, I thought the film did a very good job staying away from the politics of the Iraq war – and instead focused on what any former or current service member knows – that the men and women in our armed forces serve as much to protect the person on either side of them as they do serving their country. And in many cases, perhaps the former is even more important to them.

Super Bowl – I am taking the Patriots. It is really, really hard to win two in a row. I think the Seahawks used up all of their karma against the Packers. I am interested to hear your opinion. Tweet us at @Beacon43812. Patriots 30 – Seahawks 21.

Coach K from Duke picked up win number 1,000 yesterday in a decisive comeback win over St. Johns. It was an impressive performance by the Blue Devils and the always humble Coach K summed it up by thanking his former mentor Bob Knight. The oft misunderstood Knight is one of Coach K’s closest friends as those that follow college hoops know. Coach K downplayed the significance of the win by just saying that “We are 17-2 on the season.” There are few, if any, better than Coach K when it comes to overall class, professionalism and turning out good kids.

The Buckeyes picked up a nice win over the Hoosiers on Sunday – keeping them in the hunt for the conference title. The Badgers come to town for the final game of the regular season on March 8. That will be the only game against the Badgers this season. Let’s hope that it has big implications.

Stay safe, stay warm and shop local.

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