Mark’s Musings – January 1, 2014

| January 1, 2014
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Something significant. You may be in the wrong place if that is what you’re looking for here. I rarely, if ever, look at a past column to see what was written. Well, I must admit that today I did. I glanced back at my column from January 2 of 2012 to see what magnificent pontifications and predictions were encased in that writing. And like sometimes happens with sausage, I was disappointed. (I used that phrase because of the word encased). Instead, it was a bunch of rambling and fumbling about – like the Browns season. I guess that is really not far from what happens every week.

I did write about taking one day at a time in 2013. Wish it were so. Missed that one.

I did make some predictions that really, when I read them, were pretty easy to achieve. The year would bring triumph, tragedy, happiness, sadness, laughter and tears – 2013 did not disappoint in all those areas. But really now, that would not have been too difficult to predict. Honestly, from where I ‘m sitting, there are probably lots of youngsters in our community that could make better predictions. And do. It would be interesting to know what youngsters make as resolutions.

We would all like to see some grand resolution come out of Washington of course. How about getting along for the good of the people? That would be a good start. What about folks using some common sense in this world? Another decent one.

How about the Indians getting another good pitcher or two? Browns a quarterback? Maybe too much to ask?

We did write about sharing, getting involved and helping others last year. I believe that our community does this in spades. We are good at it. Now, to be honest, we do have some duplication of services and some groups need to recognize when their efforts and energy would be better used by combining forces.

Speaking of our community – something significant. That is how this column started – it’s really an easy one. The new Coshocton Elementary School. Certainly the crowning achievement in 2013 for our community. And like many things that happen with change, it does come with some sadness. For those that attended Central or Lincoln School, soon their experiences will be only memories. Sometimes it is painful to move forward – which is why it is so significant when it does happen.

The Coshocton County Courthouse got a much needed facelift and looks brighter and dare we say, younger? Nice job that.

Chestnut Street paved – another accomplishment. There is more to be done on the city streets – and there always will be. Hard to do without the necessary funds. We need some lights repaired on the Three Rivers Bridge – perhaps that task can be combined with a repaving. Bridges only last so long you know.

The pipeline project pumped lots of dollars into local businesses. Restaurants, retailers, service businesses, tire and repair shops, all reaped dollars in 2013. Well, that’s about all the space I have . . . to be continued.

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