Mark’s Musings – January 3, 2018

| January 2, 2018

Mark Fortune

Welcome to a New Year. Here’s hoping that your holidays were bright and filled with good cheer, laughter and time with loved ones. As we move full ahead into the brand spanking New Year of 2018, let’s hope that your year is filled with good tidings, blessings and joy. Some of that I believe we must make ourselves.

Did you make any resolutions for 2018? The usual suspects we wrote about in a prior column, losing weight, getting more fit, growing as a person and all that. Should we need the rolling of the calendar to January 1 to do these things? Probably not, but I think that we are all used to doing it that way. A New Year offers many opportunities though so it only makes sense that we proceed into January with renewed hopes, goals and aspirations.

Our personal journey to progress should really be an ongoing effort to become a better person, neighbor, friend, and parent or spouse if you are in that situation.

Our goals should be based on the right priorities – if you are a person of faith this would be drawing nearer to God and more knowledgeable in the faith. Being a better parent might just be spending more time with your kids – actual face to face time not in front of an electronic device. The same might be said for being a better spouse – time, listening and paying attention.

When we approach our community for 2018 let’s expect and anticipate positive things to happen. There are many people, including our neighbors and friends that are working hard to keep Coshocton County a great place to live, work, play and raise a family. I don’t think we need to make it a great place – it already is. Do we need more jobs? Sure. More paving? Yep. More volunteers? Yep again.

We have people that care that are making things happen. We don’t always know what is going on behind the scenes so to speak but a quick reflection on 2017 brings to mind the fact that our community is a caring, compassionate place to live. We take care of each other. We solve issues together. We give so that those less fortunate feel included, appreciated and respected.

Our community will continue to do these things throughout 2018. In fact, maybe even an increase in what we give of our time, gifts and talents is in order. More people helping reduces the work load on those that have carried the torch this far.

On a lighter note, 2018 could see the Indians back in the World Series, the Buckeyes having a great football season and making the four team playoff so that next New Year’s weekend we are watching them play for a spot in the national championship game. Maybe, just maybe, we might even see the Browns beat the Steelers or at the very least, win a game? For some that would be a real nice surprise. I triple dog dare ‘em!

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