Mark’s Musings – July 2, 2014

| July 1, 2014
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Are we looking ship shape as the saying goes? Got your weeds pulled? And I’m not talking about your garden – good luck with that one! We pulled several buckets of weeds – more like grass – from the garden over the weekend. I was actually tempted to just fire up the mower at one point.

Dad tells me that working in your garden just fifteen minutes per day will keep it under control. With all of the rain over the past few weeks we had to combine those fifteen minutes into an hour or so. That is certainly less enjoyable than fifteen minutes of garden fame. But with the small animal fence we added this year it does appear that we may have some tomatoes, squash and cucumbers. Not last year, the rabbits devastated it. Funny thing is – I don’t remember a garden being this difficult when I was a kid. You know how that is. It probably was – I just don’t recall the work required to grow prize winning tomatoes, ten foot tall corn with kernels so golden yellow that it actually hurt your eyes when you husked the ears. And that is not all. The tassels had hair so soft that you could weave it into silk and make clothes. I still have that kerchief somewhere. At least that’s how I remember it.

Cleveland Indians – struggling. Now it’s the Dodgers. Yikes. The Tribe is now 6.5 games back as of Monday, June 30. Somebody told me the Blue Jackets picked up some added help in the NHL draft.

The Reds are also 6.5 games back – of Milwaukee? Gosh, where have I been? Milwaukee and the Cubs used to be the perennial doormats. Now it’s just the Cubs.

World Cup. The USA takes on Belgium on Tuesday – July 1. Prediction – written Monday. USA will prevail in a close match. Then it will be Argentina for the U.S. of A. – the Argentineans will beat Switzerland handily based on goals scored and head to head matches. Now understand – I do not claim to have a good grasp on the matches and how it all lines up – so for all I know the American team could be playing Nebraska. But I think I have it. It’s all on the web you know.

Let’s get back to the first paragraph and where I started with this column. The America in Bloom judges are arriving in our community at the beginning of next week – and we all need to do our part to help tidy up our community. Our community is fortunate to have a group of volunteers that have worked many long hours throughout the spring and first week of summer to help our community look its best. Planters on Main Street, hanging baskets on the corners, weeds pulled from under the trees on Main Street and side streets – all of this work is being done to help our community shine. We can all do our part by pulling some weeds from our sidewalks, displaying a flag, sweeping away the dirt and debris from a long winter and more. Every little bit helps.

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