Mark’s Musings – July 30, 2014

| July 29, 2014
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Have a garden this year? Tomatoes? Lots of green ones for sure – this week’s cool weather is not going to help this wonderful fruit at all. Last year it was too much rain early in the season – this year it’s not enough warm sunshine at the right times. There is lots of information on the web – and in grandparents’ brains – so pick ‘em so to speak. Next year is year three for us – and you know what they say about that. It never seems to work with Cleveland sports though – but perhaps that is all about to change. A superstar on the hardwood, a star in the making on the gridiron and who knows about the diamond? The Tribe needs to knock out about five in a row.

Pill bottles? Try to open one lately? – yeh, I know it’s for our safety and all that. I understand that. But you about need a minor in engineering and several small hand tools to knock out a headache – as in getting the bottle open, removing the foil and then there’s that cotton ball. I wonder if you retained all of the cotton from the various bottles you open during a five year period if you might have enough to knit a nice sweater or maybe just a scarf? Either way – that could keep you from catching a cold. Then you might not need as many pills. That would be an interesting turn of events. As someone in our office said this morning – if you don’t have a headache before you’ll have one after you open the bottle!

Several local events brought out the best in our community this past weekend. Dozens and dozens of volunteers helped make the West Lafayette Homecoming a success, the second annual Addy Dash 5k a success and the annual JAKES Day at the Coshocton Sportsman Association a success. In addition, the dedication of Habitat for Humanity house number 14 was held. That’s 14 homes in our community built largely by volunteers and the generosity of many hundreds of people. Our community is blessed to have a wonderful spirit of giving and volunteerism. Indeed, the amount would be staggering if we calculated the amount of hours donated by volunteers each year. And I imagine there are several events not mentioned above that also occurred this weekend and had their share of volunteers.

Pittsburgh is three games back and the Redlegs are six games back. The Reds are 2-8 in their last 10 games.

The news coming out of Iraq is not favorable to the Christian community. The House on Friday sent to Obama’s desk a bill, originally introduced in the Senate by Sens. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) and Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and passed July 10, to encourage the appointment of a special envoy to promote religious freedom among religious minorities in the Middle East. You will want to continue monitoring this situation.

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