Mark’s Musings – March 29, 2017

| March 28, 2017
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

You’ve all heard about green eggs and ham right? Well, spoiler alert here. There really are green eggs! Yes, I saw one last week when a friend of the family gave us some home grown eggs. Does that even sound right? Home grown? Hen raised, nurtured and hatched is a more appropriate phrase I think. Back to the green eggs. Yep, the shell was green. I say, I say, I say, green. (For those not familiar with it, that is a throwback to the craziest rooster of all time – Foghorn J. Leghorn. There were some brown ones too. The shell that is. How did these green eggs taste? Like any other. Yep, good stuff. Thanks friend of the family. Keep an eye on that lovable hen, Miss Prissy. (Another throwback to the idyllic Looney Tunes cartoon).

Now, some of you are probably wondering – “Is there more to this story about the green eggs” Nope. I have no idea what makes the shell green. It might be the breed – there is a breed called “Easter Eggers” and so on. It could be genetics – if you Google this you will find that at some point through breeding eggs can come out blue, orange, green, etc. Then again, it might just be something they ate. Maybe. Again, I don’t know but I thought it was worth sharing. When I find out the real reason I will let you know.

Let’s move to another subject. Flags. Specifically, the United States flag. Looking around the community there are several places that are flying a worn, soiled, tattered or torn American flag. When an American flag is in this condition it is to be retired and replaced with a new one. There are several ways to respectfully dispose of a U.S. flag. The Boy Scouts will have a flag burning ceremony from time to time and this is one of the most common ways to show respect for a retired flag of our nation. There are others that you can research on the internet.

The Coshocton Rotary Club is in its fifth year of providing flags for Federal holidays in front of your home or business. Members of the Rotary Club will bring the flag, provide a suitable holder, put the flag up and take the flag down following the holiday. This is all for a small fee that helps local Rotarians raise funds for community projects. Contact any member of the Coshocton Rotary Club if you are interested.

Who else got caught up in the live cut-in from a Columbus TV station while watching the Kentucky vs. North Carolina regional championship game of March Madness on Sunday? And missed what had to be one of the more fantastic finishes in the tournament between two powerhouses? We did. We kept thinking that it would return to the game so we did not search it out on our smart phone – until it was too late. But they say that the replay is almost like being there. No, it isn’t. Now, to be PC, the live cut-in was for a tornado warning. Makes sense to me. But you have to admit, the timing was lousy.

How about those Ashland Lady Eagles!!! Wow. Finishing their season 37-0 and winning the Division II National Championship. As you probably know, two former River View standouts are on the team, Andi Daugherty and her sister Kari (Daugherty) Pickens, the assistant coach of the year in DII. This is now the second national championship in five years for the Lady Eagles. Andi earned a spot on the all-tournament team. Way to go Ladies!

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