Mark’s Musings – November 20, 2013

| November 20, 2013
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

It was a positive thing to see a nice number of folks turn out for the RockTenn community open house this past Saturday. A pleasant day with a lot of pleasant people. To survive as a business for 150 years is certainly an accomplishment and RockTenn is a great supporter of this community. To all the employees that have helped make this happen – and to the retirees that came before – job well done and we thank you.

As we said this past summer after touring Jones Metal, sometimes we tend to forget the people in our community that show up every day to work in a hot factory or endure the weather to keep the lights on. They do it for those that they love and care about and that should not be forgotten. Not everyone can be a pro athlete or live out their dreams. Keep these things in mind as you drive past these manufacturing facilities – these folks deserve our thanks and appreciation for a job well done.

The Buckeyes rolled to another win over another lackluster foe. Perhaps we will get the opportunity to see how good this team of Buckeyes really is if they can somehow wind up in the BCS title tilt. I think the Buckeyes would fare better against Alabama than Florida State. Time and the remainder of the season will tell us of course. It could be another season of “what could have been.” Regardless, Coach Urban Meyer is making history.

Bengals versus Browns – ahh, I must admit, I watched one series per team. That took about 30 seconds. Really. Was that really professional football? Did you happen to catch any of the San Francisco versus New Orleans game last night? Comparing the two games would be like comparing, gee, I don’t know, Ohio State versus the Little Sisters of the Rural Rowdies or something like that.

Someone suggested to me last week that they are waiting on a column where I just go bonkers. Since I am probably almost there anyways, that would not be a long trip. But I think what they meant was writing about all the hub-bub going on in Washington and maybe all around. You know, things like the healthcare debacle – the website part of it anyways. I heard a doctor being interviewed on one of those talk shows a few weeks ago – and I got the impression that the administration did not consult many doctors and/or nurses on this thing. For sure, they did not consult many folks at Apple, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Google, Amazon or Microsoft on the rollout of the website. Here’s a tip for the federal government – when you have the opportunity to consult the private sector – do so. Maybe they did.

Now, back to the healthcare plan. The doctor interviewed suggested this – start with the kids then expand as you work the bugs out. You eat an elephant one bite at a time so to speak, unless you’re in Washington. Only they can afford to eat the whole thing, ivory tusks and all.

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