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| November 8, 2016
Mark Fortune

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And here we go! Or, rather, here we went. I am not sure if that sentence follows proper English and sentence structure – where is one of those tremendous teachers that tried very hard to teach me how to properly construct a sentence – at when I need them? Perhaps not using proper grammar is more appropriate for this week. Finally, we all can breathe a sigh of relief. Why? Because the 2016 election is in the books. Or should be when you read this column. No more of those irritating commercials. Those that follow this column on a regular basis know that it is written on Monday – two days before the paper is dated. Predictions?
Here we go. Mr. Trump will take Coshocton County and Ohio. The state of Florida and North Carolina are key states. Mr. Trump will take North Carolina. While I think that is all of the knowledge that I have right now, I do believe that the election will be much closer in the popular vote than many predict-perhaps as close as 52% to 48% (take your pick of candidates) or even closer than that. But the Electoral College is what we use to determine our President. Some have predicted a contested election? I don’t think so. While I believe that the Presidential choice determined by the Electoral College will not be that close-this election will once provide clear evidence that our country is more divided than ever.
Whoever is the next President of these United States has a tough job. I think we all can agree on that. And despite the petty bickering and shots across the bow of each candidate’s ship, the real issues facing our country remain. And they are even more challenging than in the past. Now we have law enforcement officers being ambushed in their vehicles. The immigration issue. Rising health care costs and rapidly rising health insurance costs. Jobs and the economy. Drug use. Some economists paint the economy as a rosy picture. It really depends on who you listen to or favor I guess. The pundits believe that we are close to what is called “full employment”. That’s when all of those that presumably want to work are working.
It is difficult to grow an economy when you are already at full employment and perhaps more disturbing; drug use is preventing many applicants from finding gainful employment. This could very well be more of an issue going forward than we realize. Keep an eye on it.
It was not to be for our Cleveland Indians. Sure, I know-not all of you out there are Tribe fans. There are some Reds fans, Pirates fans and yes, even a few Cubs fans thrown into the mix. And that’s what cost the Indians the World Series. Errant throws, errant fielding and a lack of hitting when needed. When the Tribe tied game seven with the two run homer, I thought, “This is it. Here we go. We can’t possibly lose another game seven – and in extra innings to boot? Nope. It’s our turn this year. Sadly, it wasn’t to be.
So as we are fond of saying, “Wait ‘til next year. We’ll be back.”

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