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Mark’s Musings – Oct. 28, 2015

| October 28, 2015
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

It seems that we are living in a time when, for each step forward, there is also a reverse step. We are told – almost daily if you read, watch or listen to the right programs or people – that our economy is improving and in fact, solid. Here is some sobering news. According to the Economic Policy Institute, America lost 5 million manufacturing jobs from 2000 to 2014 – and most of this can be traced to trade. As in what other countries are buying from us versus what we are buying from them.

I am not putting that first paragraph out there to add more negativity to our own community attitude. I doubt rather seriously that one paragraph can have that much of an impact. Sure, I know that words are powerful. And when something is in print that means that you can return to it, digest it again and search for any hidden meanings or agendas. There are none in this column.

I have not heard much, really, in any of the Presidential debates about the economy. Trump brings it up when he can – he is not a fan of the Chinese just so you know in case you did not already know that. He, at least, understands the overall impact on our country of cheap imports. Ask the 600 folks in eastern Kentucky that worked for AK Steel that are being laid off. Here is a quote from the CEO pulled from the web and widely available via a Google search.

“We are taking this necessary step due to the onslaught of what we believe are unfairly traded imports of carbon steel that have been flooding our shores,” CEO James Wainscott said in a statement. “These imports have substantially reduced order intake rates, production rates, shipment volumes and selling prices.” AK Steel stock closed at $2.86 following the news on Friday, Oct. 16.

We are not hearing much about jobs overall in the debates because a bunch of other, lesser things (in my opinion) are taking priority over the really important issue. It has always been – and it always will be – about JOBS. You get it? Jobs power the U. S. economy and jobs power – or should I say “empower” families. Talk to any person involved in social work – or better yet – find some articles and/or books worth reading from prior decades when our country focused on JOBS – not things that were decisive in nature and sure to splinter. Our economy improved, taxes – in many cases – were lowered – and perhaps most importantly, we Americans felt good about ourselves.

And what I wrote in the third paragraph of this column is not meant as an endorsement of Mr. Trump, or at this point, any of the other candidates. It is just stating my observed opinion. You can form your own opinion. I would offer this though. Get out and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 3. You’ll be glad you did. You can then feel that you were a part of something greater than yourself in this world of “selfies.” Next week’s column will make a return to the positive.


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