Mark’s Musings – Sept. 9, 2015

| September 8, 2015
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

This is one of two times-typically-that we publish The Beacon prior to the weekend. In this case it is due to the Labor Day Holiday on Monday. So I am at the mercy of print deadlines in regards to the Buckeyes and their performance against Virginia Tech on Monday night. Let’s go out on a proverbial prognosticating limb here and say Bucks 42, V-T 10. So while our ‘Bucks are competing against V-T, that team up north – under new coach Jim Harbaugh – opened against Utah, losing 24-17. Next up for the boys in maize and blue is Oregon State. Jeez. It may be a tough start to the season for Mr. Harbaugh. Expect the conference to have an uptick in overall competitiveness in the next few years as BIG10 colleges have signed on some top name coaches across the Midwest.

As mentioned in a previous column, are the Bengals the team to watch in the AFC North? With the Steelers and Browns both looking fairly dismal in their pre-season game on Thursday night, and the Ravens having only won one pre-season contest, this could be a decent year for the gang from Cincinnati. But you never really know about a team until the regular season starts. I just hope your expectations for your favorite NFL team aren’t deflating.

It is doubtful that we Americans will ever forget Sept. 11, 2001 just as we will likely never forget Dec. 7, 1941. These two dates are both forever etched into our memory and indeed, written across our hearts as we reflect on the tragedy and heartache of these two terrible days in American history. Will you pause for a moment of reflection this Friday, on what is now called Patriot Day?

Where are we on the road to the 2016 Presidential Election? Will it be Trump or Jeb Bush, or Dr. Ben Carson for the GOP? Will it be Hillary or Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket? Trump and Jeb are certainly going at each other – which could result in one of the other dozen GOP candidates making a legitimate run for the candidacy. One thing is for certain; unless you are living in a cave you will not be able to escape the rhetoric and diatribes of the 2016 race to the White House. The bantering and bickering and political jabs and sparring will make the current debate over Mt. McKinley – err, Mt. Denali, seem like a tamed moose.

Or was that Bull Moose? As in another Presidential candidate that loved the wilderness and outdoors, gave us our start on National Parks and left his party to make another run at the White House with a third party. Somehow, this all seems eerily familiar, you know, like one of those dreams that seem like real life? Okay, I admit it. Now I am just rambling.

There is lots of good stuff happening in and around our community. Let’s get on the positive bandwagon – or in our case here in Coshocton County – the hay wagon and keep this thing rolling.




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