Mark’s Musings – September 10, 2014

| September 9, 2014
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

Well, it goes without saying – or it goes with saying since I am saying – err, writing, that it was not a pleasant weekend for Buckeye or Browns fans. Now, if you happen to like the sports teams that come from that city to the east, yeh, you know the one, formerly filled with smoke from smokestacks and all that, it was a somewhat more enjoyable weekend. Why, even the Bucs managed to beat up on the hapless Cubs of all teams. Now, that other sport – that brings us to a great comeback but coming up just short. That was not the case on Saturday night with the Buckeyes. They just got beat by – what many seem to think – will be a team to be reckoned with during the season. And if you underestimate Frank Beemer as a coach, you shouldn’t.

It may be a long season for the scarlet and gray but there will be moments of glory throughout. And there is always that game with the team up north to assuage our sorrows if it does indeed, become a disappointing season. We don’t know yet.

The nip of fall is in the air but the hummingbirds are still here. At least as of Monday. If my memory serves me correct – they tend to leave somewhere around the 10th thru the 15th of the month? Is this based on weather patterns, food supply in their feeder or the phases of the moon? I am curious. If anyone knows let me know please.

And the nip of fall combined with the end of the gardening season – anyone want some nice tomatoes that have been pierced by a slug or too? – and the hummingbirds leaving sends another reminder that the grand-daddy of our local events – The Coshocton County Fair – is around the corner.

The fair starts on Friday, Sept. 26 and ends on Thursday, Oct. 2. It will be as always – a great time for food, family and friendships.

Now, that brings us to this weekend’s premier event – the first ever – ever – Appalachian Bacon Nation event! Bring the family to the court square for some – bacon of course. And lots of fun. The Oscar Mayer Wiener mobile is coming. This event will be held on the court square and the Pomerene’s Park Space. There is plenty of free parking so you can’t use that as an excuse. With our very own Kraft Foods being one of the major sponsors and of course – reason for the event – this is the perfect venue (and some might say, excuse) for eating lots of bacon! Come on down to the Appalachian Bacon Nation and enjoy! It starts Saturday morning, Sept. 13 at 11 a.m.

Amidst the celebrations, football games and other wonderful events of fall, we need to take a pause this Thursday to remember all those lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001 and all of those that have given their lives since in the war on terror. The sacrifices made by the members of our military and their families are not something we should ever, ever, ever, take for granted.

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