Mark’s Musings – September 11, 2013

| September 10, 2013

Mark Fortune

The Browns stumbled out of the gate – hey, Steelers fans, before you gloat . . . it’s still way too early in the season to throw the Browns under the wheels of the proverbial Browns Backers bus here in Coshocton County. The football pundits – from my recollection – were calling for a resurgent Dolphins team. We will see.

Let’s move on to the Indians – losing on Sunday – not good. But the Tribe won four of the last five as of Sunday so the season is not over yet – at least mathematically. The real race is now between the Bucs and the Reds, who flip-flopped over the weekend with the Reds sweeping their series and the Bucs getting swept by the Cards. Watching the Reds and Pirates battle it out down the stretch will be fun and is what makes September baseball worth watching. One of the two teams will be in the post-season – perhaps both depending on the Cardinals.

The Buckeyes just need to keep winning and they can be in that big game on January 6. Of course, some help may be needed along the way but provided everything works out – the game against that team up north at season end may – like it used to – determine everything for the Buckeyes. San Diego State put up little fight and it is doubtful that Cal will this week either. So you could see the Buckeyes continue to rack up the victories but drop a place or two in the polls. With Alabama, Clemson and Stanford ahead of them this week, you need someone to stumble down the stretch. Our guess is that someone will but that will likely not be Alabama.

Turning our attention to Syria, we believe that something will happen by the end of this week. My opinion is to let it go – especially if we are not 100% absolutely certain that Syrian President Assad was indeed behind the chemical attacks on his own people. Before we sound the trumpets of war – and lest you think otherwise, yes, throwing cruise missiles at another country is an act of war last time we checked – I would like to know where the U.S. is when children are butchered in African nations by their leaders or men and women are gunned down, or worse, attacked with machetes like they are animals. What makes chemical weapon attacks any worse than lead bullets or steel knives? I am – as always – open to hear our reader’s viewpoints and opinions on this delicate subject.

I think it is appropriate for us to pause and thank you, our readers and advertisers for your continued support of The Beacon. Without you, none of this is possible. We take your support seriously and make every effort to publish the positive news that occurs in Coshocton County. We know that there is a lot of that in our community – much more so than the negative news – and our mission and purpose from volume one, number one, has been to provide a voice for that news. Thank you.

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