Mother daughter team using cocoa bombs to give back

| December 13, 2021

Raven Casey and her mom Karrie Casey are making making cocoa bombs to support their ministry. (Submitted)

Karrie Casey tried her hand at making cocoa bombs for family members last Christmas as a hobby because everyone liked them so much. This year she got an order from a member of her church wanting 20 cocoa bombs for her family.

“My daughter Raven and I started a Mommy and Me Ministry series as part of our Lost and Found Revival Ministry,” Karrie said. “When asked about ordering some bombs it gave me an idea of how to give back to the community and a way to teach my daughter about giving back for Christmas.”

The Mommy and Me series is called Crown Chasers and the goal is to teach about the five crowns you can earn in heaven.

“With this we are focusing on the crown of rejoicing which is the soul winners crown,” Karrie said. “It is something I’m doing with my 3-year-old. So, we made the cocoa bombs and Jessie Metzger Bates from Bexley Ann Boutique offered to carry them for us. We’ve had a lot of support from the community. We’ve been doing it for two weeks and we have already sold $800 worth of Cocoa bombs.”

Karrie never expected they would do as well as they have.

“It was just something I wanted to do on the side and to teach Raven about giving back and helping those in need,” she said. “Today we are going to buy bicycles with some of the money we earned to give to Miracles on Wheels and the remainder to purchasing gift cards from local businesses and giving them to people who are in their store shopping. It’s to bless them by sharing the love of Jesus this time of year in helping those in need. I want my daughter to know why we celebrate Christmas, and we can help businesses by buying their gift cards.”

Karrie got started when she found molds on Amazon last year and started experimenting.

“It took a few tries, and I finally found the chocolate I liked and recipes I liked and experimented with different flavors,” she said. “I took them to church last year, and everyone loved them. People wanted to buy them, and I thought why not use them for the ministry if everyone liked them that much.”

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