My books have arrived!

| April 8, 2020

You’ve heard the old saying of course. I heard my dad use that phrase often during his life, but it seems to be fading from our vocabulary and it seemed appropriate to pull this out with the recent passing of the 2.2 trillion stimulus bill. Somebody will pay.

For those of my generation it will probably be our kids or grandkids through higher taxes, higher inflation or reduced benefits like social security and Medicare. For those that think running the government printing press around the clock is a good thing you may want to brush up on your economics. But I could be wrong.

I am not saying that this is not needed so don’t rush to write your counter-punch editorial. I think this is the right move at the right time to get the economy back on track. With 10 million people filing for unemployment according to the numbers last week – it is certainly needed and will help millions of people during this unprecedented crisis.

Oh, I forgot to tell you – my books are here! My books are here! My books are here! Wow. Will we ever look at things the same after this? Probably not. And maybe that is okay?

I must say a big “thanks” to each of you that offered to provide me with some books during my own little “crisis.” I thank you so very much. I did manage find a couple that I had not read but am excited (as you can tell) that the ones I ordered arrived well before they were scheduled. Have you run into any issues with products being shipped out of California? It is my understanding that they will not be shipped at this time due to COVID-19.

Hopefully all of our readers and members of our community are staying safe and healthy and making the best of these circumstances. Like you, I am concerned about the economic impact on our community and especially our locally owned businesses. There seems to be an ample amount of help available through the SBDC – the Small Business Development Corporation and lots of information is being pushed out by our local Chamber of Commerce and Port Authority. Thanks Amy and Tiffany!

Our community also seems to be stepping up to the plate to help our restaurants – as evidenced by the traffic at drive-thrus and walk-in traffic for carry-out. Let’s keep it up! We certainly want all of these options available to us when this is all over. And it will end.

And if you are one of the many that have enjoyed some of that “movie popcorn” – thanks to the folks at Shelby Theaters for doing that and obviously they know how much they are loved by this community!

Will we have a major league baseball season? The word is that it may start at the All-Star break – I am not sure if that is factual or just a plan that is being worked on right now . . . everyone please stay safe, healthy and maintain your social-distancing. That’s a phrase that I hope goes away soon. Happy Easter and blessings to all!

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