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| January 7, 2021

Happy New Year! Hopefully you, like me, enjoyed giving the year of 2020 a swift kick to the scrapheap of years to forget. Yes, there were moments of happiness for many, and for others moments of sadness. For many, these feelings were mixed together with the addition of a new family member or the loss of a loved one.

As we move into a new year with the reality of a vaccine for COVID-19, perhaps at some point this year we will shift into a more normal gear. Regardless, we need to pause and mourn the loss of those in our community to this deadly pandemic and keep their loved ones in our prayers.

Each new year always brings the promise of renewed hope, faith in other people and the ability to see the positive in our communities and in ourselves. Much of what was accomplished in 2020 was overshadowed by the news of the pandemic, politics and – well, that’s about it, I think.

Despite these constant affronts, our community moved forward with several improvement projects, the wonderful Three Rivers Bridge project opened, and entrepreneurs took a leap of faith and opened a small business. Whether that is a restaurant, boutique or something else, we need to applaud those that started something and those that just stuck with it in 2020 with dogged determination and perseverance. All of these people are moving our community forward.

How ‘bout those Buckeyes huh? They steamrolled over the Clemson Tigers and are headed to the national championship game against Alabama. I think the Buckeyes can hold their own against the Crimson Tide provided they play lights out like they did against Clemson. I believe that they would have won if they were playing Alabama on that night.

And the Browns ended a 17-year playoff drought with a win against the Steelers – although it was at times ugly – the scoreboard showed a win at the end and that is all that mattered yesterday. How they play will matter this weekend when the Browns will again face their old nemesis from across the river. The Browns will take on the Steelers Sunday night at 8:15.

What lessons did we learn from this past year? Did we learn to hold our loved ones a bit closer and to spend more time on the things that are of real value in this world? The time that we spent working from home – for those that did and perhaps still are – should be viewed not as an annoyance but as a gift to have more time with loved ones. Sure, it was difficult at times – and especially for those that live alone.

As we get our full head of steam up for a new year, let’s pause for a moment to reflect on where we were in 2020 – and to thank our doctors, nurses, first responders and all those that put themselves in harm’s way in the face of the pandemic. Let’s say a special thank you to those that work at our assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Thank you.

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