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| September 26, 2016
WASHINGTON, DC – Continuing his efforts to rein in out-of-control regulators, Congressman Bob Gibbs joined a bipartisan group in Congress to stop regulations costing $1 billion or more until any pending litigation is completed. With more major regulations being challenged in court, the status of those regulations, including compliance requirements for American businesses, can be left in limbo.

H.R. 3438, the REVIEW Act, automatically places a 60-day administrative stay on all “high impact rules”, which will be defined as rules with annual costs of $1 billion or more.  If no judicial review is sought during the 60-day delay, the rule can take effect.

After today’s vote, Gibbs released the following statement:

“Burdensome and unnecessary regulations are hampering our economy. These regulations are nothing more than a hidden tax passed on to consumers, who wonder why their energy or grocery bills become more expensive. It makes no sense to force businesses, local governments, and American citizens to begin complying with a regulation if it may be overturned by judicial review. I have made regulatory reform a top priority and am happy to see the House pass such important legislation.”

Earlier this year, Gibbs penned a column for on regulatory reform. Today’s vote follows a series of bills this Congress aimed at reforming the way Washington bureaucrats propose and approve regulations.

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