River View discusses cost reductions

| May 20, 2020

The River View Local School District Board of Education is in the process of finalizing plans for the Union Elementary School property.

“There is not a lot left there,” said Superintendent Dalton Summers. “We pretty much took what we could use and the Christian school took what they could use in their building.”

There are still, however, some older desks, tables, filing cabinets, and televisions in the building. An online auction will be held for these items and an auction also is being organized for the property. Summers added that the board is finalizing plans with Peddicord Rice Auction Realty.

At the recent board meeting Summers also shared where the district stands with its cost reduction plan that needs to put in place after the levy failed. Fifteen teachers and three staff members have been notified that they will be laid off.

“All of the reduction that we announced in January that would be made if the levy failed are being worked on,” Summers said. “If someone retires or decides to leave our first thing will be to figure out how to not replace that person.”

The board will act on those layoffs at the Thursday, June 11 meeting.


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