Running is part of Fred Wachtel’s life

| July 17, 2018


COSHOCTON – Fred Wachtel has been running since his days as a student at The Ohio State University.

“After I finished up studying for the evening I’d put on my shoes and run around campus for a little bit,” said the 62-year-old. “It just became something I do. I don’t sit well.”

Wachtel tries to be active every day and usually works in a two mile round trip.

“The last day I didn’t run or bike (I count riding the stationary bike as a running day) was May 11, 2011,” he said. “I’ve been real fortunate that up until this winter I never had any health issues to deal with.”

People often ask how he finds time, but Wachtel said it’s been easy for him.

“You just do (find the time),” he said. “Instead of spending 20 minutes or a half hour sitting in front of the computer, looking at something on a smart phone or watching TV, I run. It’s nothing for me to go home after work to put my shorts and running shoes on and go run. It closes the work day for me.”

The weather also usually does not get in his way.

“I just dress for it,” Wachtel said. “Now I don’t start out if it’s raining or storming.”

He doesn’t travel much for races, but does do some local 5ks.

“I haven’t done too many lately because of issues with my foot,” Wachtel said. “Running is just part of what I do. I’m not a student of running. I just run.”

His advice to others considering picking up the hobby of running, is to just try it and start working on goals.

“Don’t get disappointed,” Wachtel said. “If you sign up for a 5K and have to walk part of it, so what.”

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