Salvation Army envoys return to Coshocton

| July 15, 2016
Thomas and Victoria Clark are the new envoys at Coshocton Salvation Army.

Thomas and Victoria Clark are the new envoys at Coshocton Salvation Army.

COSHOCTON – It is very unusual for the Salvation Army to appoint someone to a church located in their own hometown, but that is what happened with Thomas and Victoria Clark, the new envoys at the Coshocton Salvation Army, located at 219 N. Fourth Street.

“It’s really honoring and humbling because I’m able to give back to what my community gave to me as a little girl and teenager,” said Victoria. “To see the poverty and the brokenness here made me realize I wanted to serve in a greater capacity.”

Thomas and Victoria returned to Coshocton three years ago and started their new post on June 13 of this year. Previously, they were captains here in Coshocton from 1986 to 2000 after which they pastored at a Nazarene Church in Dennis, MA for seven years.

“It just seems like demand for assistance continues to grow,” said Thomas. “We get a lot of requests for financial help with utilities, gas money, and clothing. Our clothing room is a real benefit because people can shop there really cheap.”

The Salvation Army offers human services such as the food pantry, daily bread distribution, assistance with utilities, and others. They partner with United Way agencies or other groups who offer similar services.

“A big part of our goal is not to try to do everything, but to partner with groups in the community who know the community and have resources,” said Thomas.

Serving others is a passion for Thomas and Victoria. The two met at Salvation Army summer camp and started working with the Salvation Army in some capacity. Ever since they met, the two have been involved with some kind of service-oriented and ministry-oriented appointments. Victoria felt led to ministry as a small child and Thomas said he felt his calling as a teenager.

“We love serving people so much,” said Victoria. “We enjoy making a difference and moving people along from their problems to help them discover their purpose. We try to help them understand that there are some good-hearted people out there who want to help them move along in their time of difficulty.”

Victoria always wants to help out a fellow human being in need.

“I see someone who’s in a rough situation and I want to come to their aid because I would want someone to do that for me,” she said. “It’s the Golden Rule. If everyone in our society could live like that, it would be a better world.”

She remembers one incident where she felt she really made an impact on another person when a Salvation Army volunteer came in on her day off and was upset because her electricity was shut off due to accidently misplacing her bill. They called the electric company and the Salvation Army was able to pledge money to get the situation resolved.

“To help her in that moment was wonderful,” said Victoria. “She went from tears to smiles and she stayed that day even though it wasn’t her day to volunteer.”

Both Thomas and Victoria said that despite what you may hear, there are a lot of generous and appreciative people out there.

“There’s such a spirit of appreciation around here,” said Victoria. “The majority of our families are very appreciative.”

“There’s a lot of generosity, but people just don’t know it’s out there and it’s not just around the holidays, but all year,” said Thomas.

Envoys are non-commissioned officers who return to an appointment and within a year, the two will probably become captains again. On Sundays, the Salvation Army has prayer at 9 a.m., Sunday School at 10 a.m., and worship at 11 a.m.

“I like to have one on one time with people and get to know who they are and their stories, and then follow up with them later,” said Victoria. “I just love people.”

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