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Scouts enjoy weekend at armory

| October 13, 2014

COSHOCTON – Kevin McClain enjoys working with the young men of Boy Scout Troop 406. As the committee chairman of Troop 406, McClain helped organize a weekend of camping and activities at the local Army National Guard Armory. McClain said, “We are having a fall camporee and we decided to do a boot camp theme for 2014 and with the aid of the military we did that. Some of the events this weekend were a Humvee push, Sumo wrestling, obstacle course, physical fitness training with a one mile run, sit-ups, pull-ups and pushup requirements for their physical fitness badge. They’ve done archery, tomahawk throwing, pedal cars, volleyball, inflatables and more.”

Fourteen troops attended the Muskingum Valley council event with more than 100 scouts and venturing crews involved.

McClain said about the guard members, “They’ve been great and so patient. At 7 a.m. this morning they got the boys up – and basically they’ve run the whole event today.”

“The boys are having a great time. They’re exhausted – they love the competition, they love the inflatable, the pedal cars. They want something different, not just a normal scouting event. They love what they’re doing. “

“I’m thankful for the Boy Scout Troop 406 staff that we’ve had help do this event. I’m grateful to First Sergeant DeLong and his group up here that have helped run the event and also for the council for their help.”

“Mindy Brems and her crew running the kitchen – that’s been great.”

McClain said, “It’s amazing the difference that Boy Scouts can make in some of these boys lives that maybe don’t have a father figure, a single parent home, or maybe want the experience. It’s a great thing for these boys – it makes a difference in their lives.”

1485th Company Commander 1Lt LeFratta said, “We have our Army values and I think those go right in hand with the Boy Scout values. It’s been an honor and a pleasure having them here for the weekend and getting to host some of the events like the PT test, reinforcing the necessity of physical fitness and the important role that plays in the ability to be a solider or just a strong individual. The obstacle course gave us the opportunity to really see these kids heart – the determination and the teamwork, and really just driving home those values and core fundamentals to just be a strong troop or a strong soldier.”

“The boys are in high spirits and we saw how they pulled together this morning as a team on the obstacle course and it’s been cool to see them go through this transformation throughout the day and getting to see how they interact – they have a lot of energy, it’s been exciting.”

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