Statement from Rep. Gibbs on House Energy Resolutions

| December 2, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC – The House voted Tuesday on a pair of resolutions expressing disapproval of the Obama Administration’s recent regulatory actions that will negatively impact the American energy industry.  S.J. Res 23 and S.J. Res 24 are official rebukes by the House, both of which have already passed in the Senate, of the Environmental Protection Agency’s mandates that will increase energy prices and force many existing power plants to close.

Congressman Bob Gibbs, who voted for both measures, released the following statement:

“The Obama Administration’s expansion of the regulatory state continues to drain nearly two trillion dollars out of the American economy.  The EPA’s so-called ‘Clean Power Plan’ is going to raise electricity prices for Ohio’s families who are already stretching their budgets thin. New regulations on electric generation from coal, oil, and natural gas will hamper the energy renaissance we are experiencing as a result of technological innovation. Once again, just as with their flawed Waters of the United States rule, the EPA refuses to listen to industry, state and public input and continues with a partisan agenda that creates a less reliable national energy grid with higher prices and questionable additional environmental protections.”

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