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Students emulate historical person of choice

| December 22, 2017

From left, Emma Dobbins as Sally Ride and Madison Wilkin as Julius Caesar. Both girls performed their wax museum speeches for the Board of Education. Contributed | Beacon

WEST LAFAYETTE – The students in Mrs. Dobbins’ STRIVE class at Ridgewood Middle School were assigned a research project.

In this project, the students read a book about a person they chose to study. After reading the book, students had to do research and find facts about their person. The focus of the research report was on the person’s early years, later years, interesting facts and accomplishments.

The students then had to write a research report using all the information they gathered. The culminating activity for students was for them to present a speech in a wax museum. They created a poster about their person and dressed as their person would dress. Then, the other students could travel around and press their button to hear their speech, which was memorized.

On Friday, Dec. 15, 18 of these students performed their speeches for the Ridgewood Board of Education, Mike Masloski, the superintendent, and Trista Claxon, principal of Ridgewood Middle School.

From left to right: Landon Shroyer as Babe Ruth, Kyndall Stocker as Marie Curie, and Kylah Patterson as Annie Oakley. Contributed | Beacon

Royce Shaffer as Louis Armstrong. Contributed | Beacon

From left to right: Kylah Patterson as Annie Oakley, Brenna Hoffman as Jane Goodall, Cohen Cabot as Harry Houdini, and Alex Martin as Marie Antoinette. Contributed | Beacon

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