The best part of the big game is always the food

| February 11, 2021

That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with that like the Chiefs defense stuck with the Bucs’ receiving corp. A little too much apparently, for the referees. I thought that the referees controlled more of the outcome of the game than they should have. Let ‘em play! At least be consistent as teams navigate their way through the corridor of the playoffs. Don’t call a divisional game one way and the “big game” another way. That’s how I saw it, but I am probably wrong.

The halftime show was, as in recent years if memory serves correct, difficult to absorb. But I’m old and I get it. It was upbeat and that was a positive.

Ah, the commercials. They’re what we wait for each year. Were there some memorable ones? There were several and there were also several that were a waste of good marketing dollars. I found myself laughing several times throughout as many of the commercials took a decidedly humorous angle – and others took a decidedly, “we want to send a message” tone. A few of those hit the mark.

One of the commercials that resonated with me was the 60 second spot featuring Jessica Long that focused on a message of hope and courage. Long was adopted as a young girl and had to have her legs amputated. The adoptive parents knew this and went forward with the adoption. Long became a Paralympic swimmer. I encourage you to watch this one.

Of course, for a guy my age one commercial stuck out for sure – “Wayne’s World.” Oh my. That was funny! You can Google all of these which I did – and found out – surprising even to me – that most of my opinions on the commercials were spot on. There were several that tried too hard and those that could have done more – with less. The oddest commercial had to be for Oatly milk. Never heard of it? Yeh. It was cool to see “the boss,” and while the concept and message of the commercial probably felt really good in the conference room where it was conceived, it left me wondering a bit.

Let’s return to the headline of this week’s column, shall we? For many years our big game meal has been the same – enchiladas (leftovers for lunch today!) and a really, really tasty chocolate dessert that we (okay, not me, my sweety – but I help!) have made since the Bears won the big game against the Patriots way back in 1985. It’s that good. Some chips and salsa help round out the meal, and my stomach.

Here’s hoping all of you have a Happy Valentine’s Day. In this past year of loss and loneliness midst the impact from COVID-19, we could all use a little more love in our lives. Have a lonely neighbor? Send a card or a note or bake some treats. Our gestures need not be large or over the top. Simple works just as well. Just be glad the government did not take the approach with COVID-19 that King Henry VI of England did, who banned all kissing in 1439 to stop the spread of the bubonic plague. Buckeye Chuck says no to six more weeks of winter. Stay warm my friends.

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