There’s a feeling of fall in the air

| September 15, 2022

I know that many of you will agree that a favorite time of year in Coshocton County is the fall season. With one week to go on the calendar before it is “officially” fall, it’s time to recap why I consider fall my favorite time to be in Coshocton County. There is only one not so good reason for fall, and that is it leads into winter. As I age, it becomes less favorable. As a kid, I loved winter! I imagine many readers will understand.

Right out of the gate, let’s start with the cooler temperatures. I am not a fan of 90-degree days – yes, I know – many are. Not me. I’ll take 70 to 80 anytime. Next up would have to be the Coshocton County Fair. It’s really number one on my list and probably because of the many great childhood memories. Whether it was spending time (and lots of quarters!) in the arcade, showing market steers, enjoying the fair food or having a bowl of Mom’s chili and a slice of homemade pie in our camper following a show, it was all good.

While you can’t get those days back, the fact that our county fair is consistently consistent – the shows are pretty much on the same day that they were years ago – and things are in the same place as when I was a kid, delivers a familiarity that is as comfortable as a favorite blanket or old sweatshirt. If you’re fortunate enough to have kids that show or exhibit, or perhaps grandkids, you get to have another go in the ring, so to speak. And there is the fair food.

Following the fair, we move to the Apple Butter Stirrin’ in Roscoe Village – this year it will be on Oct. 21, 22 and 23. I can smell it now! Always a fun event for our community, this annual event brings people to our area from all over Ohio and beyond. Whether you are searching for the ideal craft, Christmas gifts, just enjoy browsing or some great food, the Apple Butter Stirrin’ is the place to be!

That same weekend (Sat. and Sun., Oct. 22 and 23) will be the annual Coshocton County Fall Foliage and Farm Tour – with the map pickup point being at the fairgrounds. This year, the route will cover the southeastern portion of Coshocton County. This is always an enjoyable event with the opportunity to see parts of the county that you typically might not visit. The leaves are usually in full color and the beauty and friendliness of our community is on full display.

But wait, that’s not all! There are pumpkin patches, fall festivals, corn mazes, high school sports with Friday night football games, soccer matches, golf, cross country, band shows and more to keep you busy throughout the fall season. The year is moving at a rapid pace, and if you’re like me, once the fair is over, it seems that the rest of the year whizzes by.

But let’s not rush to the holidays quite yet. There is still a lot of September, and all of October to find things to do. Somehow during all these fun events, you gotta find time to mow the yard, trim the foliage before the frost (I think that is right?) drink some apple cider and watch some football or your choice of fall sporting event. Let’s enjoy the fall season!

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