Warsaw Mayor Ron Davis takes different approach with state of the village

| January 26, 2021

The state of village address is something that mayors are expected to deliver at the beginning of each year. Addressing the conditions of the village and to share what has happened, in the past year; also, to give some expectations and goals for the new year.

Over the past 12 years, as mayor of the Village of Warsaw, I’ve often thought and expressed my feelings that it was unnecessary, filled with information and lots of figures which no one will remember, even in the next hour. Really boring. Most people don’t really care or remember what’s been said.

However, in the last month, I see some value in giving this address. So, I am approaching it differently.

Even though we are a small village with no real political problems, “thank the Lord for that,” we do have a voice; a voice in a very unsettled world. We should be heard as a people who matter even if we are little in size.

In a time when government is being questioned, freedoms being lost and governmental principals threatened, we the Village of Warsaw are important. What we do, even on a small level is valuable and a part of America. We are a part of the government in a great nation.

Myself, the village council, and all who are part of this local government, the residents, businesses and all who work here in Warsaw, have the right to have a voice in the functions of government. The people of this village have placed us here, to uphold the law, direct the government functions, not as politicians, but as government officials, representing the residents.

This past year has seen many challenges and changes, due to the COVID-19 virus. It has interrupted the way we perform and serve the public, just as it has done in large cities and other municipalities, throughout our nation. We had to make changes to help keep people safe, such as the closing of many park activities and the very popular swimming pool The River View Chicken BBQ had to be modified, but still turned out to be very successful. The Memorial Day parade cancelled, and our annual Christmas candlelight service canceled, and other interruptions to the normal functions of the village. Some of our businesses were temporarily closed, some even closed permanently, and all suffered in some manner. People lost jobs and we, even though small were affected, as all America was. Yes, our voice is important too.

So, the State of the Village of Warsaw is just as important as any other place in our nation. What happened here may not make the 6 o’clock news or be noticed by anyone else, but we are a part of what is being experienced throughout America. We are important.

Looking back on 2020 I see lots of good, as well as the dark problems. We have a desirable community the people enjoy, living in. During these past months, I’ve seen neighbors helping neighbors, people walk the streets and in our park hand-in-hand appreciating the village park area entrance cleanup day. I’ve experience the village council performing in harmony, making things work, even when it was a challenge. Our village fiscal officer goes beyond what’s expected to make sure the budget is met and financially in good shape. She reports we are in good standing in all areas finically. Our village administrator continued to do a great job, even when personal difficulties came against him. He and our employees have worked hard through the difficult times. To those who serve, I’m thankful for their commitment and hard work; to those on the committees, and our deputy, who has kept our village safe and secure; to having a great county EMS and fire department located within our village.

This state of village address may be seen as different, but it is delivered from my heart. I love the village, its people and being a part of the government functions, as the village mayor.

As I look to 2021, we are going forward with a positive attitude of having a good year. We are pursuing the water expansion project with Coshocton City; believing we can have our pool open for our residents in the coming summer; trusting in the income to be able to grow in all ways as a village; business prospering, people having jobs and planning for growth in the years to come.

In 2021, we will represent those of the village and uphold our commitment to serve as their government officials. We will continue to open our council meeting, pledging our allegiance to the flag, having prayer and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America as every government municipality should be doing.

Thank you for cooperating, support and help as we go into 2021. I realize I haven’t given you a lot of figures, data and detailed discrepancies. If this address didn’t give you information you want please log onto our website www.warsawohio.us.

May God bless the Village of Warsaw, our nation and those who are listening or reading this State of the Village Address.

Mayor Ron Davis

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