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| January 21, 2016

Every year it’s my responsibility as mayor to present a report on the State of the Village of Warsaw. Ten years ago I gave my first address. As I looked back at that address I saw it was five and one half typed pages, it contained mostly financial figures and numbers that no one remembered the next day, so I’m not going to bore you with that this year.

As I bring the State of the Village Address for 2015, I simply say, “It’s good.” We are once again ending the year of 2015 in the black financially with many positive reports.

Before I share briefly, about some of the things which have taken place in the past year, I must first say thank you to a very dedicated council. Their commitment to representing the residents of Warsaw and uphold the laws and ordinances of the Village has been excellent. Our Fiscal Officer performed an outstanding job, dealing with a very aggressive state audit. She has contributed more than just “keeping the books,” but her years of experience in local government have been more valuable than we could have ever hoped for.

Also, a big thank you to our Water Clerk for our outstanding job keeping data up to date.

Our Village Administrator has continued to perform his duties with wisdom; overseeing the street department, water and sewer departments. He and our employees have saved the Village many dollars during 2015.

Our Village was peaceful during the past year. I contribute this to our dedicated Deputy. He gives us professional law enforcement and continued to have a good relationship with the residents and businesses of the Village of Warsaw.

I also thank the volunteers who served on the Park Board, Cemetery Board and Recreation Board. Their work is truly appreciated.

I also believe that the State of the Village is good because of the protection of Walhonding Valley Fire District and EMS, both of which are located within the Village limits.

I do have information to report. First of all, we survived a very detailed and long State audit. A process that caused lots of extra work and time for us, mainly our Fiscal Officer. Even though the audit cost us, the Village, $14,000 the news is good. Yes, minor things to adjust, but all clear and good!

The year 2015, had other victories. Through the $300,000 CDBG Grant, thanks to our Village Administrator’s hard work and time, the resurfacing project is complete, pool filtration and disinfection project is complete, playground improvement and the gazebo roof projects have also been completed. We also replaced fire hydrants. We appreciate the many volunteers, groups who gave labor and time toward these projects. We are still working on the SMR lift station project.

Of course, everyone is aware of the new EMS building and Village office and Council Hall which got underway in 2015. The co-operation between the County Commissioners, Coshocton County EMS and the Village of Warsaw is not only unique but proven to be beneficial to all involved. Much of the credit goes to our Village Administrator Ed Robinette who has worked, over the past years, bringing this project into a reality.

It certainly is beneficial to the Village as we will now have a needed council hall and office. It also keeps the Coshocton County EMS here in the village. The building should be completed in a couple of months.

The State of the Village of Warsaw is good because the many people who brought successful events to the village in 2015; from the Memorial Day Parade and Roland Darr Tournament & BBQ; to the Fall Parktober Fest and of course, successful and uplifting Christmas Candlelighting Service at the gazebo.

We did have the bad news that of the Chase Bank Branch closing in November. This has created problems and much inconvenience to our businesses, residents and operation of Village business. We are working to bring financial banking back to Warsaw and are hopeful to get this accomplished soon.

However, we have good news in that the old restaurant has been purchased and it looks good for a new restaurant to open, here in Warsaw, soon.   The, new signs welcoming the people as they enter the village, are added improvements.

2015 Goals

There are always goals which I have in mind as we go into 2016.

The first thing is to continue to work to bring a bank to the Village of Warsaw.

I always desire to see the current businesses prosper and grow. It’s also a goal to bring in new businesses that will keep Warsaw moving forward.

In closing I want to once again, as I’ve done for many years, challenge the council members, village employees, business owners, organizations and every resident of the Village to work together in unity; putting forth our best efforts to make the Village of Warsaw a better place to live.

Thank you and may God bless each of you and may God bless the Village of Warsaw.

Mayor Ron Davis

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