Coshocton Grain Company building soybean processing plant

| January 11, 2019

COSHOCTON – The Coshocton Grain Company on Brown’s Lane is headed in a new direction.

“The management and directors are pleased to announce that we are building a soybean processing plant on Browns Lane,” said Rhoda Crown, CEO of Coshocton Grain Company.

The Coshocton Grain Company will still have ownership, but the facility will operate under the new name of Coshocton Soy Processing ExPress Meal & Oil.

“The chemical free extrusion process will produce, at capacity, approximately 81,000 tons of soybean meal and 12,600 tons of soybean oil annually,” Crown said. “We will need 3,340,000 bushels of soybeans delivered every year, which we believe will be produced in Coshocton and the surrounding seven counties.”

The soybean meal, which is a feed adaptive for dairy cattle, swine and poultry, will be available for purchase at the plant.

“Our meal, we believe, will be 46 percent protein, 6 percent oil and 6 percent moisture, and is expected to be sold to dairy, swine, and poultry feeders within a 75-mile radius of the plant,” Crown said.

Construction has already started on the new building. It will be located between the scales and the railroad tracks near the elevator. There will be overhead load out bins for the meal and one-ton totes that can be loaded with meal. The oil will be loaded into tanker trucks to be processed at a biofuel refinery.

“We are excited for this,” Crown said. “We have good relationships with our customers in Coshocton and the seven surrounding counties and feel we have a good, viable market for this business.”

If the construction process goes smoothly they should be producing by early July.

“We also plan to add 11 jobs and that will double our workforce,” Crown said.

The equipment that will be used at the new plant is all American made. Local companies helping with the development of the plant include William Albert Inc. and Philip A. Wagner.

“This is a good move for our community, producers and shareholders,” Crown said. “The ethanol plant is a processor of corn and CSP will be a processor of soybeans.  The beauty is having both facilities in our county.  This will be an economic boost for our area and producers.”


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