Legal Notice

| December 23, 2019

Ord 50-19 amending Chapter 723 of the CCCO. Ord 58-19 amending Chapter 1305 of the CCCO. Ord 59-19 amending Chapter 739 of the CCCO. Ord 61-19 establishing wages for council members, president and clerk for 2020-2021. Ord 62-19 establishing wages for mayor, law director and auditor for 2020-2024. Ord 66-19 establishing the position of Municipal Court Security Officer. Ord 67-19 adding Municipal Court Security Officer to the non-bargaining wage ordinance. Complete text of this ordinance may be obtained or viewed at the Clerk of Council Office, City of Coshocton.
CCB: Dec 18, 25, 2019

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