Mark’s Musings – April 17, 2013

| April 16, 2013
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

The only golf tournament that I take the time and opportunity to watch each year is invariably The Masters. While it is always enjoyable to see who wins the tournament yesterday was historic. The Adam Scott putt on 18 was magnificent and then to see Scott go on to best Angel Cabrera in a playoff only added to the aura of The Masters and all things at Augusta. It is nice to know that there are still some sports you can watch where the crowd is respectful, hushed when needed and appreciative of great shots and play when called for. I’m sure there are those that are not in that group, you just don’t see them. Both of these players were respectful of each other and it was difficult to know which player to root for. As one of the announcers profoundly said, “You don’t watch The Masters to see someone lose, you watch The Masters to see someone win”. This year’s tournament will be one for the history books.

Were we (me) wrong about Cleveland? As I write this column, the Tribe is posting a losing record, albeit just one win shy of being even for the very young season. But is this what we expected out of the gate? Cincinnati is not much better – also one win shy of being even steven for 2013. Pittsburgh however, is even for the year. Just in case you follow the boys in the other state. The Cubs are, in typical fashion, at a loss for the year. All of these things can change in a hurry as we know. Been to see “42” yet? The movie about Jackie Robinson is being hailed as one of the year’s best. I would put it down as must see for this year.

North Korea’s great celebration came and went (so far) without much of a whimper. The expectations for SOMETHING to happen – a missile launch for example, seemed to be on most people’s minds as the day of the country’s founding was observed. Time will tell whether this is just more pandering about or a more robust signaling of trouble on the horizon. China will ultimately step in to help resolve this issue – thus helping their image on the world stage. Since they share a common border, this only makes sense. Provided you can believe what is on the internet (always!) the North Korean military is nearly 10 million strong, including the reserve forces. This is almost 40% of the entire population of the country. Hmmm?

Following a spring like weekend, I believe we can predict with some amount of certainty (does that sound like an oxymoron?) that our long awaited spring weather has finally arrived in earnest.

NBA playoffs? Hockey playoffs? Can anyone beat Miami in hoops? I’ll take either San Antonio or Oklahoma City in the west. Then it doesn’t matter – Heat will win. In hockey, Columbus is still in the hunt – with a few games remaining in this shortened season. Predictions anyone?

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